Sagadi Manor
Estonia, Sagadi

For the first time, the Sagadi estate was mentioned in written sources in 1469. Its owners were von Rizebiters, von Bergi. From 1687 to 1919, the estate was owned by von Foki.
The estate acquired its final appearance in 1894.
The estate plan is strictly symmetrical, which meets all the requirements of Baroque architecture. The living rooms are en suite. The painting of the ceilings of the hall and other representative rooms relates mainly to the end of the 19th century. 8 murals restored.
The premises are mainly furnished with 19th-century manor style furniture that was collected throughout Estonia. The children's room features original furniture from the Sagadi estate.
In 1977, the central estate was given into the possession of the Rakvere Forestry, then the restoration of the manor house began. Now, there is a forest museum, a school of nature, a hotel, a restaurant in the complex.
Lectures, conferences, concerts, theater performances and other events are held here.