Bolivar Square in Bogota
Colombia, Bogota

The central part of Bogota lies between the streets of Jimenez de Quesada and Calais Septima. The main square of the capital is considered to be the Plaza de Bolivar, built at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the interval between 1807 and 1823. The central square of the capital of Colombia is the main attraction of the country. The name received its name in honor of the national hero and the first president Simon Bolivar. It is shown in all films and commercials about Colombia.
The center of the square is decorated with a statue of Simon Bolivar by Pietro Teranani, established in 1846, it became the first historical monument of the city. The square is surrounded by the buildings known throughout the country: the National Capitol, the Palace of Justice, the Archbishop's Palace, the Cathedral of Catedral Primada de Colombia, where the founder of Bogota Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, the hero of the war for independence of the country Antonio Narinho and the most famous Colombian artist of the colonial era - Gregorio Vazquez de Arce and Ceballos. The northern part of the square is occupied by the Palace of Justice - a large modern building where the country's Supreme Court operates. The history of the palace of justice is quite tragic. The first building was built in 1921 on the corner of 11th and 6th streets and was destroyed by fire during the rebellion of El Bogotazo in April 1948. The new palace was built in the northern part of Bolivar Square and was again destroyed in November 1985 during the siege of the palace of justice by the rebels when the army tried to take control of the building. The ruins were kept intact for four years, until the government decided to demolish them and build a new building, located on the square to this day. The southern part of the square rests against the building of the National Capitol - the headquarters of the Colombian Congress. The construction of the building, designed by the British architect Thomas Reed, was begun in 1846, but due to political instability in the country, it was not completed until 1926. The original design included a large dome, however, in order to finish the construction on time, and also to avoid dominating the domes of the Cathedral, it was decided not to erect the dome on the Capitol building. On the west side of the square is the residence of the mayor of Bogotá, a French-style building known as Casa de Lievano. The eastern part of the square is occupied by the Cathedral of Bogota - the same age as the square itself, built between 1807 and 1823.
At any time of the day, life is in full swing on Bolivar Square, street performers are constantly performing here, there are many tents with fruits and drinks. Feeding pigeons - of which there are thousands - is a special attraction, attracting numerous tourists and residents of the city to the area. During the holidays, the square is magnificent, as befits in Latin America, it is decorated, especially at Christmas: with plastic Christmas trees, garlands, tinsel.