District Siodom Syosayt
Japan, Tokyo

Shiodom Siozite is one of the youngest cities within Tokyo. Its impressive skyscrapers house many offices, Nippon Television headquarters, shops, restaurants, theaters and hotels.
In the Edo period, it was a marshy, flooded area during the rains. When this was fixed, the area was called Shiodome, literally meaning "the place where the streams stop."
In 1872, Shimbashi Station was built in Siodom on the first railway line in Tokyo connecting Tokyo and Yokohama. Subsequently, the station was renamed in Siodom and became a major cargo terminal, which remained until the 80s of the last century, until a major restructuring of this area began.
An exact copy of the Shimbashi Station Building is one of Shiodome's attractions. Located next to the Shiodome City Center skyscraper, this small building houses a museum of the railway station and the Shiodome district with explanations in English.
Caretta Shiodome is a 51-story skyscraper with most offices occupied by Dentsu, Japan's leading advertising company. On other floors there is a musical theater, an advertising museum, various shops, cafes, restaurants, including "restaurants in heaven" on the upper floors of the building.
Nippon Television Tower (Nittele Tower) is the headquarters of Nippon Television - one of Japan's private nationwide networks. Here is a store of goods and souvenirs related to NTV and its programs, as well as several restaurants.
Soon, new objects will be opened in Siodom, which should become new attractions in this area of Tokyo.