Minimati Ruins
Bangladesh, Dhaka

Known as the center of Buddhist culture from the 7th to 12th centuries, these buildings, discovered as a result of archaeological excavations, are made of burnt bricks. They include more than 50 separate Buddhist monuments, the most important of which are: Salban Vihara, Kotila Muir and Charpatra Muir. Salban Vihara is a beautifully planned monastery of 170 square meters. m, in the center of which is a wonderful temple. Nearby is a museum that contains artifacts from archaeological excavations, including terracotta plates, bronze figurines, bronze caskets, coins, jewelry and stupas with Buddhist inscriptions. Kotila Muir includes three large stupas, "Three Jewels of Buddhism." The most important find in Charpatra Mura is four royal decrees executed on copper plates, three of which belong to the rulers of Chandra, and the fourth to Sri Viradhara Diva, the last Hindu king. Keep in mind that some of the main buildings are located on the territory of the military unit and can be inspected by tourists only with the permission of the military authorities. Minimati ruins are located 114 km southeast of Dhaka.