Belem Tower
Portugal, Lisboa city

The quadrangular Belem Tower is known as a monument to the Portuguese Age of Great Geographical Discoveries. The tower, built in the years 1515-1520 and designed in the style of Manueline, is a classic symbol of all of Portugal. This tower was erected in honor of the glorious military and naval past of Portugal and rises in the place where once the caravels went to distant lands. Tower decorations - signs of the king’s prestige - include all Manueline symbols: ropes that encircle the building and form an elegant knot, crosses of the Christian Military Order and naturalistic elements such as a rhinoceros - the first images of this kind in stone in Europe. Above the loggia is the coat of arms of King Manuel I. The three sides of the monument are decorated with balconies. Stone crosses along the balustrade of the loggias represent the Portuguese crusaders.

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