Crimean Stonehenge
Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol municipality

At the very foot of Mount Frog, above the picturesque tract of Batiliman, Tyshlar rocks are located. Nature itself created this building, very reminiscent of the English Stonehenge - in a circle there are low cliffs resembling the teeth of a dragon, and in the center is a real "altar". Scientists suggest that as early as the 3rd century BC there was a religious building. At the end of the 19th century, Russian archaeologists discovered here several circles consisting of large stones. Now it is difficult to find out the true purpose of this place, since many archaeological excavations, as well as searches for treasures, destroyed its originality, but from this the place does not become less popular. It is called either Crimean Stonehenge or the Temple of the Sun, to admire it, to feel its energy, various people come here. We suggest you take this short trip to the mountains, accompanied by our guide. On a mountain trail, winding among the Crimean forest, slowly rising higher and higher, you will find yourself in this magnificent structure created by nature itself.