Cosmo Damian Monastery
Republic of Crimea, Rozovyi

Kosmo-Damianovskiy Monastery is located in a deep picturesque gorge near the healing spring Savlukh-su ("healthy water"), in the place where, according to legend, the holy bessrebniki Kosma and Damian were killed.
The source was considered healing long before the monastery. There are legends according to which the doctors of Cosmas and Damian, who lived near Rome in the III century, were exiled to Tavria for the Christian faith. Here they continued to heal the sick without taking any payment. Since then, there has been fame about a wonderful source, it is believed that water absorbed all the silver that people carried in gratitude for healing. Indeed, the water of Chatyrdag springs is characterized by a high silver content.
Centuries passed, one people came to replace another, one religion came to replace another, one thing did not change - faith in the healing properties of the holy spring. In the 20s of the 19th century, at the expense of Countess Sofya Pototskaya, a shed was built at the source for the pilgrims' shelter, and in the 50s of the 19th century a Simferopol merchant, who was healed of the disease after bathing in the spring, was set over it with a log house Cosmas and Damian. Kosmo-Damianovskaya kinovia was consecrated on September 10, 1857.
Alexander Alexandrovich (future Emperor Alexander III), twice visited the monastery.
In 1899, male cinematography, by decree of the Holy Synod, was transformed into a female communal monastery.
On October 5, 1923, the Cosmo-Damian Monastery was liquidated. The monastery with all the lands passed into the possession of the Crimean Reserve, and the nuns of the former monastery, having concluded an agreement with the reserve, created an agricultural artel.
The monastery was restored in service on July 29, 1992. The temple festival is held annually on July 1.

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