Ngapali Beach
Myanmar, Ngapali Beach

Calmness and serenity, light transparent waves roll on the white sand, traders deliver fresh aromatic fruits, and you enjoy the sun and the waters of the Bay of Bengal - all this promises you the most famous beach of Myanmar - Ngapali Beach. Countless hotels and bungalows of various categories are scattered along the shore, in the evenings on the shore you can enjoy fresh seafood cooked over an open fire in one of the cozy restaurants, which no real romantic can pass by.
The beach is wide, long and clean, there are very few people even in the high season, the color of the water changes from light turquoise to dark blue in depth - it fascinates and invites you to swim.
Sun loungers and umbrellas are offered by hotels for their guests, but there are no private areas on the beach - you can safely walk along its entire length, watch fishermen or mischievous crabs dig their patterned minks in the wet sand. Everything here contributes to the pacification and relaxation, which is so necessary for residents of large cities.