Hatta Mountain Region
UAE, Hatta

The mountainous region of Hatta is located in the United Arab Emirates, on the border with Oman, on the territory of the emirate of Dubai (it is its internal exclave). Hatta, surrounded on all sides by the Hajar Mountains, is considered one of the most picturesque places in the United Arab Emirates. The landscape of the area is extremely beautiful and varied - pointed peaks of basalt rocks, “colored” mountains made of rocks of different colors, deep canyons, dry river beds (wadis), mountain lakes and springs with clear water, red sand dunes and green oases. 45 million years ago, this entire territory was covered by the waters of the World Ocean, which is now only reminiscent of the black basalt rocks that were once its bottom. These rocks are the only ones in the world among similar geological formations that are absolutely devoid of any vegetation. The Hatta Mountains have many wadis (dry river beds) created by torrential rainfall flowing down from the cliff tops. These canyons have the most bizarre shapes and stretch for many kilometers. One of the main attractions of Hatta is the mountain lakes, the most beautiful of which is the Hatta Dam Lake - its water surface, which has a rich turquoise color, is surrounded on all sides by inaccessible rocks. There are several observation platforms around the lake, which offer magnificent views of the picturesque surroundings. If you are lucky, tourists will be able to see the sand cat that lives in this area. Hatta is also famous for its historical sights - in the very heart of Hatta there is an open-air museum - the Historical and Ethnographic Village of Hatta. The first settlement on this site appeared 2000-3000 years ago; today the village has been restored, and a museum was created on its territory, introducing the history, culture and traditions of the indigenous population of Dubai. The complex consists of 30 traditional houses that look exactly the same as they did hundreds of years ago. The museum displays collections of traditional weapons, tools, musical instruments, jewelry, clothing and household items. The oldest fort in the emirate of Dubai (Hatta Fort), built in 1896, is also located here. Next to it, on the tops of the rocks, two watchtowers were erected, the thickness of whose walls is more than one and a half meters. To the north of the fortress is the Juma Moschee, dating back to 1780. Tourists visiting the Hatta area can enjoy mountain trekking, canyon exploration, kayaking at Hatta Lake, wadi bashing (wadi jeep ride), and touring the Hatta Mountains by motorbike or mountain bike.

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