Long Bay
Jamaica, Middlesex County

In the area of the city of Long Bay, located in northeast Jamaica (not to be confused with a city that has a similar name, but is located in the southwest of the island), there is one of the most beautiful places on the island, namely the crescent-shaped bay of the same name. On its shores lies pink sand, its waters are deep and transparent, and the constant breezes in a single stream drive the waves to the shores. Long Bay is one of the most suitable places for surfing, although bathers are advised to maintain the maximum concentration of attention during the swimming process, since the place here is so beautiful, so unpredictable. On the shore lies a large number of boats that locals use for fishing. If you wish, you can hire one of the local fishermen who will happily arrange an excursion on the open sea. Long Bay is considered a great place for people who prefer to save money, because, unlike many other places on the island, here you will not meet with crowds of tourists. The main attraction for such travelers may be fishing.