Lake bled
Slovenia, Bled (town)

Lake Bled is located in the north-west of Slovenia, in the territory of the Triglav National Reserve. The lake is located at an altitude of 475 meters above sea level, its area is 1.45 square kilometers, length - 2.12 km, width - 1.3 km, maximum depth - 30.6 meters. Lake Bled was formed on the site of a tectonic depression, which appeared as a result of erosion from the Bohinj Glacier. Thawed glacial waters filled the hollow, leaving a small island of land in the center of the lake - Bled Island, on which the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1465 - the most recognizable symbol of the lake. On the northern shore of Lake Bled, on a rocky cliff there is a medieval castle built in the 11th century. Its observation deck offers panoramic views of the lake and the mountain peaks of the Julian Alps. The lake is surrounded on all sides by mountains and dense forests, the Alps protect the area from cold northerly winds. The lake is fed by warm springs, therefore it freezes only in the cold winter, forming a natural ice rink. Despite the cool mountain climate and great depths, you can swim in Lake Bled from spring to autumn. In July, the water in it warms up to 25 ° C. In summer, various cultural events are held near Lake Bled, performances by musical groups and groups, folklore evenings. Fans of outdoor activities have the opportunity to go for a walk around the lake on foot or by bicycle, ride horses, jump with a parachute, go kayaking, ride on the lake by boat or in a boat. In winter, winter sports enthusiasts come here, the ski season lasts from late December to early April. The famous Bled delicacy - the cream cake of Kremna Rezina (Kremshnita) - airy vanilla cream, prepared according to a special recipe, on puff pastry, is not inferior to local attractions.