C-o-se Paul
Iran, Shatlyk town

Si-o-se Paul (or bridge 33 arches) is the famous arched bridge over the Saenderud River in Isfahan, which was built in 1632 by Shah Abbas I. The 300-meter-long bridge consists of 33 smaller bridges interconnected. The bridge is also called Allaverdi Khan in honor of the Georgian military leader who led the construction. It is said that the number of arches of the bridge corresponds to 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet. Walking over the polished stones, which are more than 300 years old, you can feel the history of the Persian people. Through the through arches, amazing views of the river and the embankment open. In summer, the river dries up and grass and bushes grow in its place. Under the bridge is a teahouse tea house. Near the bridge in the park there are manicured flowerbeds and bushes, walking areas and favorite recreation places for local residents. On weekends, people come here as whole families for picnics. Men here like to smoke hookah in a relaxed atmosphere. Tourists like to take pictures next to the bridge, especially in the evening, when a beautiful backlight turns on, which creates the atmosphere of a fairy tale. The unique architecture of the bridge remains in the memory for a long time.

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