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Сент-Джордж город
It is the largest of all historical ports in Bermuda, and one of the most spectacular sights. From this place the views of the coast and the island itself are really grand.
Сучжоу (Цзянсу)
Paired Pagodas are located in China, in the city of Suzhou. They were built in 982, during the reign of the Northern Song Dynasty ...
Longmen Grottoes is a Buddhist cave temple complex located 12 km south of Luoyang. Niches and caves contain the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art during the reign of the Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties.
The National Jewelry Museum (ex Udaya Museum) is located in Morocco, in the city of Rabat, in the Kasba Udaia fortress ...
Лежа город
Lezha Castle is the main attraction of the ancient Albanian city of Lezha. The castle was built in the VIII - IX centuries on the foundation of the ancient Acropolis, which existed here since Illyrian times.