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Саранда город
The city of Saranda, called the southern gate of Albania, is located on the shores of the Ionian Sea, very close to the Greek island of Corfu - only 30 minutes by ferry separate the city from the island.
Shaanxi History Museum is located in the Shaanxi administrative center of Xi'an. The construction of the museum began in 1983 ...
Amphi Tiroche is a beautiful observation deck located in HaPisg Garden in Old Jaffa ...
Республика Аджария
The museum is located in the former house of Georgian public figure Sherip Khimshiashvili, built in 1873. The museum’s collection includes household items belonging to the Khimshiashvili family and the archive of Sheriff Khimshiashvili.
The temple was the main place of worship for a significant part of the Armenian community of Baku until the Karabakh conflict of 1988-1990. In 2002, on the basis of the church, the library of the Office for Affairs of the Presidential Administration of A