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Ларнака город
Churches and cathedrals
The Church of St. Lazarus is one of the three Byzantine churches preserved in Cyprus. The church was built at the beginning of the 10th century at the burial place of St. Lazarus the Four-Day, after the discovery of marble crayfish in 890 ...
Lakes and reservoirs
The bathhouse of Aphrodite is fanned with myths and legends, this is one of the most visited and beautiful places in Cyprus. The bathhouse is a small grotto at the base of the rock, the bottom of which is filled with clean spring water.
Корал Бэй
Archaeological sites
Maa Paliokastro is a small peninsula in Coral Bay. Archaeological studies of 1970-1980, conducted by archaeologist Porfirios Dikeios, give reason to believe that people began to settle on the peninsula at the end of the Stone Age.
Abbeys and Monasteries
In the north-west of Troodos, among the cedar forests, on the top of a mountain with a height of about 1318 meters, stands the Kykkos Monastery - the richest and most magnificent monastery in Cyprus ...
Айя-Напа / Айия-Напа
Abbeys and Monasteries
The exact date of construction of the Ayia Napa Monastery is unknown. There is a legend according to which a local hunter found in the forest cave an ancient icon of the Virgin Mary, apparently hidden in it in the 7th or 8th century ...