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Прилеп (община)
Peshna is a cave in the Republic of Macedonia, declared a cultural monument.
Охрид (город)
Abbeys and Monasteries
The monastery of St. Naum, which is located on a hill near Lake Ohrid, was founded in 893-900 by St. Naum of Ohrid, the youngest student of Cyril and Methodius, under the auspices of the rulers of Bulgaria, Simeon and Boris.
Охрид (город)
The fortress of King Samuel is one of the oldest and largest surviving fortifications of Macedonia. The fortress is a visiting card and one of the most popular tourist sites in Ohrid ...
Охрид (город)
Palaces and castles
Robevu Palace is the most famous family estate of Macedonia. The building is considered one of the highest and most representative buildings of urban architecture in Macedonia of the 19th century, is under the tutelage of the Office for the Protection of
Охрид (город)
Archaeological sites
20 minutes south of Ohrid, scientists reconstructed a prehistoric settlement on the water. At the bottom of Lake Ohrid, in the place which is now called the Bone Bay, in 1997, the remains of a village more than three thousand years old were found.