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Biketawa is one of the twenty-four small islets which comprises the atoll of Tarawa in the Republic of Kiribati. It is located to North of atoll in about 20 - 30 minutes from the main Island and capital Tarawa.This is where the Biketawa Declaration was signed by Pacific Forum Leaders in the year 2000. This islet is known as the ancient legendary residence of the Kiribati warriors. Biketawa is a good place to take a picture of a beautiful sunset.
Tarawa — an atoll in Gilbert's archipelago where the capital of Republic Kiribati agglomeration South Tarawa is located. The atoll consists of approximately 24 small islets, 8 from which are inhabitated. The largest island (South Tarawa) is stretched from settlement Bonriki (a southeast part of an atoll) to Bairiki. The basic employment of local residents are manufacture copra and catch of pearls.