Активные / спортивные Resorts, Cities and Tourist Locations
Ak Bulak is high-mountainous, a mounting skiing resort is located in 35 km from Almaty, at a foot of Talgar mountains (city of Talgar). The length of pistes is 5 000 metres, the maximum steepness of a slope of 55 degrees. The general extent of a rope-way – 3 700 m. the highest point - 2 700 metres above the sea level.
Varadero is the largest and famous resort zone on Cuba in 130 km from Havana at the Atlantic coast, on the Hicacos Peninsula. Varadero is a picturesque resort city, the most famous resort of the Western hemisphere full of exotic, with number of the first class hotels, night clubs, discos and restaurants. In Varadero there are lot of hotels with the European service and 23 perfectly equipped Diving centres. Beaches of Varadero are considered the best. Beaches are protected by the greatest coral reef of Caribbean sea. In 1992 the tremendous white sandy beaches of Varadero has been recognised as one of three best beaches of the world. The life rages in Varadero day and night. From sea and solar baths and countless kinds of sports and water entertainments imperceptibly you pass by an evening holiday, music, dances and good cuisine.
Стамбул - город, известный ещё под одним названием - Константинополь. Это один из древнейших и красивейших городов мира. Единственный в мире, раскинувшийся на двух материках, являющийся мостом между Европой и Азией. Город, сердцем которого является пролив Босфор, соединяющий воды Черного и Мраморного морей, а также бухту Золотого Рога. Столица трех бывших Империй: Римской, Византийской и Османской. В настоящее время население города составляет более 11 миллионов человек. Стамбул-это не только один из красивейших городов Турции, но и всего мира. Стамбул делится на 14 административных районов: Aksaray, Sultanahmet, Cemberlitas, Capa, Sehremini, Topkapi, Beyazit, Eminonu, Sirkeci, Gulhane, Universite, Laleli, Yusufrasa, Findikzade. Каждый из этих районов имеет свою удивительно интересную историю, свои достопримечательности и свою инфраструктуру
Arachova is a mountain village situated at the foot of Mount Parnassus at an altitude of 950m. in Viotia prefecture and is located approximately 160 Km from Athens. Beautiful stone houses and narrow streets fountains are the first things a visitor sees. The name is derived from the South Slavic orah, walnut, and denotes a place planted with walnut trees.
The city of Visla (Wisla) is located in a southern part of Poland, near to border with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In a city lives more than 11810 thousand inhabitants. Visla often name a pearl Beskids as this picturesque area is the second mountain-skiing the centre Silesian Beskids - Szczyrk, one of the greatest mounting skiing resorts having about 15 thousand of places of placing of tourists. Visla is near to national tourist centre Ondraszek. As the resort settlement began to be used only in the end of a XIX-th century, here there came on rest the well-known Polish writers, such as Vladislav Rejmont, Boleslav Prus, Maria Konopnitska and other outstanding people. Complex building of slopes of mountains Cherhli, Jazhembatoj and Beechen on which in a consequence began to appear more and more boarding houses and hotels has in the sixties begun. Till 1962 Vistula was only settlement, after has received the city status, and thanks to the investments enclosed in development, became one of the greatest mounting skiing resorts on Silesian Beskids.