Where the rhododendron blooms
Group tour
4 days

Spring is a wonderful time for those who have never seen the Altai mountains in the pink haze of blooming rhododendron, or, to be precise, Rhododendron Ledebur, against the backdrop of delicate greenery waking up from a long winter.

Want to see, but don't know what awaits you?

And a wonderful opportunity awaits you to see the most beautiful places of the Altai Mountains in just a few days, without depriving yourself of the benefits of civilization, living in comfortable conditions and traveling in a comfortable minibus. During the tour, you will get acquainted with the history of Altai, visit the main tourist area and its attractions, catch a light breeze while taking a motor boat to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall, and overcome mountain passes along the famous Chuysky tract.

Place and time of collection: Аэропорт города Горно-Алтайска, до 10.00
Excursion to Kamyshlinsky waterfall

Transport: car 60, motor boat 5, foot 1

Distance: 60 km

Description: Arrival at the eco-hotel "Taiozhnik". Breakfast at the Taezhnik restaurant for those who arrived before 10:45. Gathering of the group, including those who arrived from Barnaul. Meet the guide. Lunch at the Taezhnik restaurant.

Transfer to the village of Barangol to the river station. A motorboat excursion to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall, which is located on the left bank of the main water artery of the Altai Republic.

Kamyshlinsky waterfall consists of two cascades with a total height of 12 meters. Despite the fact that it is not very high, it makes a strong impression: the spray, breaking on the rocks, shimmers spectacularly in the sun. The main rocky cascade looks especially picturesque. And motorcycle rafting will not leave any of the participants indifferent.

Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Excursion to the Chemal region: Patmos island, Che-Chkysh tract, Oroktoy bridge

Transport: 212 cars, 5 on foot

Distance: 218 km

Description: Breakfast at the Taezhnik restaurant.

A fascinating excursion to the Chemal region, known for its unique mild and warm climate, and its surroundings. Since the end of the 19th century, the village of Chemal turned into a balneological resort, where people came from all over Russia. It was also popular in Soviet times due to its mild microclimate, abundance of sun and unique air composition with a high content of ozone and essential oils, which has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Tourists will visit the most interesting sights of the area, such as the “goat path”, the Sartakpay gate, the Temple of St. John the Evangelist on the island. Patmos, Che-Chkysh tract, Oroktoi bridge.

Lunch in a cafe in the village of Chemal.

Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Excursion along the Chuysky tract

Transport: car

Distance: 490 km

Description: Breakfast at the Taezhnik restaurant.

After breakfast, departure for an excursion along the Chuysky tract. The Chuysky tract is today the largest federal highway, 962 km long, connecting Russia and Mongolia. This road was known more than a thousand years ago as the Mungalsky tract - trade caravans traveled along it from the East to Russia and back. Tourists will learn more about the history of the unique tract during the excursion. During the excursion, tourists will get acquainted with the Chuysky tract, visit iconic natural, man-made and historical objects of the Chuysky tract. Tourists will learn the history of the construction of the road included in the list of the 10 most beautiful roads in the world, see Mount Sarlyk with heights of the Seminsky pass, enjoy the splendor of the Karakol valley, visit the monument to the Altai gopher, feel the exciting emotions of climbing the serpentine Chike-Taman pass, see the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers. Lunch at a roadside cafe. Guests will also encounter ancient history and petroglyphs in the Kalbak tract -Tash.

Return to the hotel. Dinner at a restaurant on the premises of the eco-hotel.

Departure home

Transport: car

Distance: 30 km

Description: Breakfast in the eco-hotel restaurant or lunch boxes. Group transfer to Gorno-Altaisk airport. For those whose flight is not in the morning, rooms will be released at 11:00

Included in price
  • Bus transfers: Групповой трансфер

  • Accommodation: двухместное размещение

  • Excursions

  • Guide service

  • Insurance: Медицинская страховка и от несчастного случая

  • Meals: трехразовое питание (комплексы)

  • Entry fees

  • Transfers

  • Take with you
  • Comfortable shoes

  • Camera

  • Good mood