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Фестиваль еды в Сингапуре


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Singapore’s love for food goes well beyond the hawker centres, cafés and Michelin-starred restaurants that pack the city—it runs in our blood. And there’s no better time to eat like a local than at the annual Singapore Food Festival (SFF), where local culture, proud tradition and contemporary dining are served up on a platter.

At the annual festival, you can look forward to a curation of local favourites housed under one roof, fun lifestyle events (think barbecues paired with live music), and a rare collaboration between the best of our local chefs. Bite into unique and modern takes on Singaporean cuisine—better known as mod-Sin cuisine—at the festival’s signature event, STREAT. If you are more of a hands-on learner, bring home time-honoured recipes from Singapore’s many cultures when you participate in cooking classes and workshops. It all makes for an in-depth exploration of the city’s myriad cultures.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a serious foodie or just curious to learn more through cultural tours and workshops, you’ll get to sniff out local hawker fare and the stories behind traditional snacks. So bring your appetite for a feast of the island’s best.


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