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Michelin added US hotels to its ratings
07.05.2024 USAHotels

Michelin has announced the latest edition of its new US hotel rating guide.

The Hotel Guide has begun ranking hotels in France and has chosen the US as its second country. Michelin added 11 three-key hotels, as well as 33 two-key hotels and 80 one-key hotels. Hotels in Atlanta, California, Chicago, Colorado, Florida, New York and Washington are included. Michelin awards one Key to Special

Colorado: World's Longest Track of Dinosaur Tracks Now Open to Public Access

It is reported that about 150 million years ago, a long-necked dinosaur roamed the territory of what is now Colorado. The creature is said to have veered off at some point, performing a wide 270-degree turn.

Today, 134 continuous sauropod tracks dating back to the Late Jurassic period can be seen, representing the largest continuous dinosaur track in the world and are now federally protected

Haiku Staircase: Hawaii landmark to be dismantled due to bad behavior of tourists

The scenic staircase leading to a scenic spot in Hawaii is being demolished as tourists continue to visit the closed site.

Haiku Stairs, a landmark Oahu, which is often called the “Stairway to Heaven,” will be dismantled at the end of April.

“I can promise you that this was not a capricious decision,” Mayor Rick Blangiardi said in a statement.

Problems with the staircase,

Blue Tide: Alien Invasion on American Beaches

From Oregon to California masses of blue creatures that look like aliens wash up on rocky beaches. They are called Velella velella - small colonies of organisms with a sombrero-style fin on top and tentacles hanging down.

This spring, millions of these creatures were spotted along the West Coast of the United States, much to the surprise and delight of beachgoers. who willingly shared

Disney Reveals Details About Huge Magic Kingdom Expansion As Part Of $60 Billion Investment
05.04.2024 USA

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, "the wildest ride in the wilderness," is located on the edge of Disney World's Magic Kingdom, the most visited theme park in the world.

But one day, park visitors can expect to see much more than just wilderness at the iconic Central Florida park—something more ambitious than just an overhaul of the attraction or a makeover.

“This may be the largest

Part of the famous California highway collapsed into the ocean

Part of the road on the coast of Big Sur in California collapsed into the ocean over the weekend after part rocks collapsed in what officials call a "slip."

A portion of Highway 1 remained closed, according to a Sunday evening report from Caltrans District 5.

All parks of Big Sur in the affected area are closed "until further notice," according to a release issued by the California

The mystery of the Anasazi civilization that disappeared without a trace!
18.03.2024 USADo you know?

Across the vast, rugged landscape of the American Southwest, echoes of an ancient civilization can be heard through the canyons and mountains. The Anasazi, a mysterious people who once flourished in this arid land, left behind mysterious remnants of their culture that still captivate the imagination of modern explorers.

Legend has it that the Anasazi, also known as the Ancients or Ancestral

World's oldest fossil forest, 390 million years old, discovered

Among the ancient forests of the world in the northern part of New York State there is an unexpected treasure hidden - a discovery that exceeds all expectations . If reports are to be believed, in the heart of Cairo, USA, lies a network of trees that is believed to once stretch over 400 km (250 miles), hidden at the foot of a sandstone quarry.

Estimated to be 386 million years old, this

Delta plans flights during a solar eclipse
23.02.2024 USAAvia

Delta Air Lines is planning special flights on April 8 so passengers can watch the solar eclipse on board.

The total eclipse on April 8 will again be visible over the northern hemisphere, according to Delta's lead meteorologist Warren Watson only in 2044.

The special flight is planned so that the time spent on the path of totality is maximized. The domestic flight, operated by

Disney is investing billions in theme parks and cruises
12.02.2024 USATourObjects

Disney announced Wednesday that it will invest $60 billion to improve all of its theme parks and cruise lines.

Bob Iger, Disney CEO, made the announcement on its quarterly earnings call. on Wednesday, saying the majority of the investment (70%) would go toward expanding all of the company's fleets. He said the company will make improvements to all its divisions around the world.


This lake, which disappeared 130 years ago, is now back!

The arid expanse of California's San Joaquin Valley, the nation's vital food source, was once home to Tulare Lake, a vast body of water more than 100 miles long and 30 miles wide. Vivian Underhill, a former postdoctoral fellow at Northeastern University, highlights the lake's surprising comeback.

Tulare Lake virtually disappeared in the late 19th century, according to reports, so its return

Host cities for 2026 FIFA World Cup announced

The 16 host cities in three countries that will host matches at the 2026 FIFA World Cup were announced on Sunday. The final match will take place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Recognized as the largest sporting event in the world, the 2026 FIFA World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico from June 11, and the final game will take place on July 19.


Universal Presents Orlando Epic Universe

Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, USA, has announced its new theme park, Universal Epic Universe, which will debut in 2025.

Epic Universe will offer five themed sections, unique restaurants and a hotel in the park.

The Grand Hotel Universal Helios with 500 rooms has a separate entrance to the park, and two more hotels will be adjacent to the new park - Universal Stella Nova

New airport lounge with vintage arcade

New York's LaGuardia Airport has a new luxury lounge with a twist. The Chase Sapphire Lounge opened on January 16 and features a vintage arcade among other amenities.

The lounge spans two floors and 1,950 square feet. m, located in Terminal B and includes a library with a faux fireplace, Reserve Suites with individual video game consoles, a vintage game room and caviar service.


Passengers sue Alaska Airlines and Boeing
23.01.2024 USA AlaskaAvia

Passengers have filed a lawsuit against Alaska Airlines and Boeing for their alleged roles in the Flight 1282 door departure incident earlier this month.

Several news outlets have reported that passengers on that flight were previously offered compensation of $1,500, but dozens of passengers say it's not enough and have filed a class-action lawsuit against the airline and the manufacturer.


Thousands of US cities could become ghost towns by 2100, new study warns

In a world gripped by the uncertainty of climate change, a recent study has sent shockwaves through the United States. The study predicted the potential for thousands of cities to become ghost towns by 2100.

Here we delve into the findings of this study, which reveals the depth of environmental problems, the vulnerability of cities and the looming danger of desert landscapes.


Evidence of the world's oldest forest found in New York, USA

The groundbreaking discovery was made in a desert quarry near Cairo, New York, where researchers from Binghamton University in the US and Cardiff University in Wales unearthed the oldest forest on the planet. Fossils trapped in 385-million-year-old rocks offer a unique window into Earth's distant past.

It is estimated that the forest once covered an area of ​​about 400 km2. If reports

New measures limit air travel over US national parks
07.12.2023 USARules and laws

New rules aimed at preserving the silence and beauty of iconic natural sites in USA will lead to a reduction in the number of air tours by Mount Rushmore

Top 10 richest cities in the world in 2023

According to a recent study by Henley & Partners, the world's richest cities were determined by analyzing the growth of the population of millionaires. The report examined the spending patterns of more than 150,000 high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from 97 cities around the world, focusing on individuals in positions such as chairman, founder, CEO and director.

Highlighting the world's

Grand Canyon warns of 'love locks'; encourages visitors not to use them
18.10.2023 USATourObjects

National Park Grand Canyon made a sincere appeal to visitors and asked them not to participate in trend of couples attaching padlocks to observation decks, also known as "love locks."

In response to this issue, park officials added that while love is indeed a powerful force, it fades compared to their sturdy bolt cutters. According to reports, visitors leave these locks on the fence, which