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Japan to launch six-month digital nomad visa in March
16.02.2024 Japan TokyoVisas

Japan has long been a favorite among travelers. And to make the destination more attractive to visitors, Japan plans to launch a six-month digital nomad visa.

However, the previous 90-day stay limit, which posed a major barrier, will no longer hamper remote workers consider this travel destination. This also means that the visa scenario will also undergo a transformation. The Japan Immigration

The famous Tokyo Digital Art Museum has reopened
13.02.2024 JapanTourObjects

TeamLab Borderless, the immersive digital art phenomenon, has reopened for its flagship exhibition in Azabudai Hills in Tokyo.

TeamLab is an art collective that uses space, mirrors and cutting-edge technology to create works of art, widely posted on Instagram, that visitors can explore and interact with. Dynamic light shows react to the visitor's position and behavior, as well as other

Japan confirms digital nomad visa
07.02.2024 Japan TokyoVisas

The Japan Immigration Services Agency has confirmed that it will introduce a six-month digital nomad visa by the end of March.

The visa will be available to applicants earning ¥10 million annually from 49 countries with valid visa waiver agreements and avoiding double taxation with Japan, reports nomadsembassy.com.

Applicants must also have private health insurance. Under these

Japan Airlines Introduces Headrest Speakers
06.02.2024 Japan TokyoAvia

Japan Airlines' new A350-1 aircraft features the world's first headphone-free stereo systems in first and business class seats.

The headphone-free stereo system operates through built-in speakers in the headrests, allowing passengers to listen in-flight entertainment without using headphones.

According to One Mile at a Time, the new technology comes as a surprise given that Japanese

Japan's newest cafe Mipig lets customers hang out with pigs

Initially there were cafes that allowed pets. Then came cat cafes, where interacting with cats took precedence over lattes. And now the latest trend in Japan - cafes with pigs.

Those who have already visited this unique cafe, they feel they have had a wonderful, very relaxing and enjoyable experience. If reports are to be believed, people began visiting the cafe in droves, taking selfies

Ethiopian Airlines increases flights to Tokyo
31.01.2024 Japan TokyoAvia

Ethiopian Airlines has been approved to operate seven weekly flights to Tokyo following the renewal of a bilateral air services agreement between the two countries .

This milestone became a reality following a virtual meeting held on January 25 between Getachew Mengste, Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Ethiopia, and Takahashi Yasuhito, Director of the Japan Civil Aviation

Preserving Mount Fuji: Japan will limit the number of daily climbers and introduce entry fees this summer

According to recent events, Japan is ready to introduce both a fee and a daily limit on the number of people allowed to climb the iconic Mount Fuji. The local government that controls the famous hiking routes to the top of Japan's Mount Fuji will soon take decisive action to address the growing problems at the iconic mountain.

With existing facilities overwhelmed and injuries and As trash

Fushimi Jikkokubune boat rides are available until 12/3!
22.11.2023 JapanCruises

Fushimi is famous for the temple Fushimi Inari-taysya, but we also recommend taking a walk around the central Fushimi district, a little away from Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. In addition to the three shopping streets connected to each other from Fushimi-Momoyama Station, there are more than 20 breweries here, so you can also enjoy a brewery tour. Fresh sake is available from autumn to winter. In

Unravel the mystery of "washoku" in this multi-faceted exhibition
21.11.2023 Japan TokyoEvents

For foreign travelers, Japanese food is one of the country's main attractions. 2023 marks 10 years since Japanese cuisine was included in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage. The National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno will be displaying a special exhibition "WASHOKU: Nature and Culture in Japanese Cuisine" until February 25 next year, revealing the secrets of its charm. A wide selection

New Place to Stay in Haneda: Mercure Tokyo Haneda Airport
21.11.2023 Japan TokyoHotels

The 363-room Mercure Tokyo Haneda Airport hotel will open on November 26 next to the gateway to Japan, Haneda Airport. This new, convenient option for jet lovers is just a 10-minute drive from the airport and a 4-minute walk from Keihin Kyuko Otorii Station. Feel both new and nostalgic in a TOKYO ECLECTIC inspired interior. The concept reflects the character of the location, offering the atmosphere

Japan received a new island after an underwater volcano erupted
13.11.2023 JapanDo you know?

Japan, famous for its numerous islands, including those formed as a result of volcanic processes, has once again witnessed something remarkable. If reports are to be believed, a new island has now emerged in the vicinity of Japan's Ogasawara island chain following the eruption of an undersea volcano in late October 2023.

This remarkable event provides intriguing insights into the Earth's

MMPRC promotes the breathtaking Sunny Side of Life at Tourism Expo Japan 2023
30.10.2023 Japan OsakaEvents

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/ Visit Maldives) is delighted to announce that we are taking part in the Tourism Expo Japan 2023 alongside 10 co-exhibitors to promote the breathtaking Sunny Side of Life. The event is being held in Osaka from 26th to 29th October 2023. 

Organised by JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents), Tourism Expo Japan 2023 is one of

Tokyo will unveil its autumn colors in November
21.10.2023 Japan TokyoEvents

Even in the city center, autumn leaves are a magnificent sight to behold from mid-November. The city is full of famous fall foliage spots, but one of the most popular is the Japanese Rikugien Gardens. Built in 1702, this "walking garden" features walking paths amidst a landscape of man-made hills centered around a pond. Each fall, hours of operation are extended to celebrate the fall leaf lighting

Hotel opens in Asakusa to introduce sake and Japanese culture
21.10.2023 Japan TokyoHotels

For travelers who love sake and want to experience Japanese culture, the perfect place will open this November - SAKE Bar Hotel Asakusa (21 rooms). Check into SAKE BAR and receive a "masa" (a small wooden box used as both a drinking cup and a measuring device as a sign of your stay. Enjoy unlimited sake in the hotel, not only in the bar, but also in the room, in the bathtub for foot or in a private

A new center for Japanese anime culture is opening in Ikebukuro!

Anime Tokyo Station (abbreviation: Anime Tokyo) will open in Ikebukuro on October 31, 2023. This new center, where the Metropolitan Government Tokyo will showcase Japanese anime culture, will feature anime-related materials, and popular anime works are featured, as well as pop music stores. Try creating an anime with your own hands in master classes. As everyone knows, Ikebukuro is full of anime-related

The world's first immersive theme park will open on the island of Odaiba in Japan by 2024.
16.10.2023 JapanTourObjects

Odaiba - an artificial island in Japan, specially designed to meet people's shopping and entertainment needs. The island can be reached via the Rainbow Bridge or the Yurikamome Train. But the news is that this place will soon be transformed into the world's first immersive theme park! By "soon" we mean 2024.

Immersive Fort Tokyo is inspired by London's interactive shows that began in the

Japan: JR bullet train pass price increased by 70%

A high-speed train pass in Japan will now cost 80,000 yen; previously the cost was 47,250 yen. This pass offers 14 days of unlimited domestic travel, while these price adjustments represent an increase of approximately 65% ​​to 77%. Despite this significant increase, demand for these passes is expected to remain strong thanks to a more favorable yen exchange rate and a steady influx of foreign visitors.


Japan named #1 destination in the world by Condé Nast Traveler 2023 Readers' Choice Awards

Condé Nast Traveler readers named Japan the world's favorite travel destination at the annual 2023 Readers' Choice Awards. Tokyo was also recognized as the second most popular "big city" in the world, and the "Seven Stars of Kyushu" train was named, among other awards, the best train journey in the world.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Condé Nast Traveler readers around