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Air France launches concierge service
31.05.2024 France ParisAvia

Air France has launched a new concierge service for arriving, departing or transit passengers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The service for arriving passengers includes meeting with a concierge upon disembarkation, baggage collection and escorted private airport transfer to a chosen address in the center of Paris or within a 40 km radius of Paris-Charles de Gaulle.


Climbing the famous Eiffel Tower could become more expensive

The famous Eiffel Tower is not only one of the popular tourist places in the world, but also a symbol magnificence that captivates the hearts of millions of people. However, recent headlines about rising ticket prices have caused mixed reactions among locals and tourists alike.
If reports are to be believed, the astonishing increase, a staggering 20 percent jump, was approved by Paris City Hall,

Tourism experts warn against Paris during Olympics

Travelers looking to enjoy a holiday in Paris this coming summer are advised by experts to reconsider their decision.

“June, July and the first two weeks of August may not be the best time to visit Paris by tourists who do not plan to attend the Olympic Games. The city will be more crowded than usual and full of sports fans,” said travel, tourism and hospitality expert Behar Sadiku.


Large events increase travel costs

International events such as Taylor Swift's Eras Tour and the Paris Olympics have had the side effect of high airfare and unaffordable housing becoming the order of the day.  

According to travel agency Embark Beyond, fans flocked to Paris to see her favorite pop star's performance (May 9-12), resulting in a 36% increase in luxury hotel stays during the week she performed compared

Mass picnic on the Champs Elysees in Paris
27.05.2024 France ParisEvents

The famous Champs Elysees in Paris this Sunday (May 26, 2024) turned into a huge outdoor picnic area as part of an initiative to breathe new life into the iconic avenue. The event, dubbed le grand piquenique, received an overwhelming response, with nearly 273,000 people vying for a spot. Ultimately, 4,000 people were chosen to participate, with each person allowed to bring up to six guests. Participants

The Seine in Paris is facing a serious cleansing

The French government has developed a plan to limit the flow of wastewater into the Seine and Marne rivers and is now accelerating its implementation in an effort to make the Seine navigable for the Olympic Games.

Olympic water quality tests on the Seine in There were 14 failures last August, raising doubts about whether triathletes and marathon swimmers would be allowed to compete for

Air France creates Michelin star menu
24.04.2024 France ParisAvia

Air France has announced a revamped menu created by two Michelin-starred chefs and a renowned pastry chef.

Three-Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Lallemand and pastry chef Nina Metayer will take things up a notch dining experience in business class.

Meals include polenta with roasted vegetables, creamy eggplant and red pepper sauce, and crab and shrimp ravioli. Three signature dessert

Paris launches pass for Olympic Games

Regional transport operator Paris Île de France Mobilité has launched the Paris 2024 pass to reduce transport costs for visitors Olympic and Paralympic Games.

According to euronews.com, during the Olympic Games the cost of travel on the Paris metro, city buses and trams will double.

Physical pass already has gone on sale and the app pass will go on sale in mid-June.


The Paris Games should be a game changer
11.04.2024 France ParisEvents

The last time Paris hosted the Olympic Games was 100 years ago, and the 2024 event promises to be an Olympic event like no other.

The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are intended to be a landmark event in terms of sustainable development. In line with the new International Olympic Committee (IOC) norm, Paris has committed to hosting the greenest Games in history. The IOC's "New Normal" is

French police detain migrants who stopped near the famous Paris City Hall on the eve of the Olympic Games

Paris police remove and relocate migrants with families and small children living near the famous Paris City Hall ahead of the Olympic Games. Suddenly, the French police suddenly began detaining about 50 people, mostly women and children (from 3 months to 10 years). The migrants slept soundly in the square on plastic sheets tucked under blankets.

All the migrants were put on a bus

Olympic Games in Paris: low hotel occupancy due to inflated prices
15.03.2024 France ParisHotels

Tourism authorities Paris reported that hotel occupancy in the city in the upcoming summer season will be lower than in previous ones years, due to the sharp rise in accommodation prices in the run-up to the Olympic Games.

“We expect occupancy to be between 60% and 70%,” Corinne Menego, CEO of the tourism industry, told The Independent office Paris je t'aime. This is in stark contrast

Paris: Eiffel Tower closed to visitors due to protests

Tourists who visit Paris and plan to visit the famous Eiffel Tower may have to make changes to your itinerary as the world famous and iconic monument is currently closed for all tourism purposes. The Eiffel Tower is currently closed to tourists due to a planned workers' strike.

Before visiting the iconic monument, visitors are advised to check the official Eiffel Tower website for new

Beginning of the opening of Notre Dame

The body supervising the restoration of Notre Dame announced that the scaffolding around the cathedral will be dismantled in the coming months.

Restoration body L'établissement Public said dismantling of the 100-metre scaffolding surrounding the spire, consisting of 70,000 metal components, has already begun. but it will take months to complete.

Initially, President Emmanuel

The Olympic Games in Paris are becoming inaccessible to tourists
24.01.2024 France ParisEvents

Hotel owners in Paris are outraged by the government's increase in tourist taxes, which increased by 300% for every night spent in Paris in January ahead of the Olympic Games.

Tourist taxes in Paris last year ranged from 0.25 euros per night for the most affordable accommodation to 5 euros per night for luxury accommodation. From January 1 this year, the tax increased to 14.95 euros for

Increased alert in France after bomb threats; The Louvre and Palace of Versailles are closed

According to a recent update, famous sights of Paris such as Louvre and The Palace of Versailles were closed due to bomb threats. In France there is now a situation of high alert. And these two extremely popular tourist spots were immediately evacuated, along with several other tourist spots in Paris.

“For security reasons, the Louvre Museum is closing its doors today, Saturday, October

Bedbug outbreak in Paris ahead of 2024 Olympics

Paris is known for its iconic landmarks such as Louvre, Champs Elysees and Eiffel Tower, and is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, the romantic city recently made headlines for an unwelcome reason: bed bugs.

Recent events have seen Parisians take to social media to share disturbing photos and videos of these blood-sucking insects infesting high-speed