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New Zealand: Magnetic anomaly beneath Lake Rotorua reveals ancient secrets
07.02.2024 New ZealandNature

In a major discovery, scientists have discovered a hidden hydrothermal system beneath the waters of Lake Rotorua, a site rich in Maori legends and perched atop a dormant volcanic crater on New Zealand's North Island.

This is the latest discovery not only adds a new dimension to the lake's extensive history, but also represents an important milestone in the understanding of underground

Air New Zealand now has a sleeping area
02.02.2024 New ZealandAvia

Air New Zealand is set to launch its highly anticipated Skynest this September. Skynest is a six-pod sleeper area available for economy passengers to book four-hour sleep sessions.

The airline will begin installing the sleeper option on its ultra-long-haul flights, starting with flights from New York and Chicago to New Zealand, and plans to expand it to European and Asian flights.


This lake has the cleanest water in the world!
07.12.2023 New ZealandNature

Imagine diving deep into a lake up to 80 meters deep and finding crystal clear visibility! Yes, the transparency of this lake is the same as that of distilled water (80 meters). We are talking about Blue Lake, located on the South Island of New Zealand. Researchers were more than surprised to find such bright visibility on Blue Lake, which is now considered the lake with the clearest water in the

Zealandia, Earth's hidden eighth continent, is no longer lost!

Zeeland, Earth's eighth continent, was largely submerged in the sea. Geologists have now carefully mapped its entire two million square miles using data from ocean floor rock samples. This updated map sheds light on Zealand's unique geological history.

About 83 million years ago, the supercontinent Gondwana broke apart due to geological forces, giving rise to the modern continents. This