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Royal Caribbean to open resort in Mexico

Royal Caribbean has announced that it will open Royal Beach Club Cozumel in Mexico in 2026.

In During an event held at the site of the future Beach Club, Jason Liberty, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, and Michael Bailey, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, unveiled plans for the latest addition to the Royal Beach Club collection.

Royal Beach Club Cozumel

Solar eclipse 2024: will it affect air travel?
03.04.2024 MexicoAvia

This year, the upcoming total solar eclipse is scheduled for April 8th. If you follow what the FAA says, this could potentially cause inconvenience for some airline passengers and pilots due to potential flight delays.

In this regard, there was a warning has also been issued and a call not to panic. The eclipse, which is expected to pass through Mexico, Canada and the United States,

A complex of stone pyramids dating back more than 3,000 years has been discovered in the heart of Mexico.

Recent archaeological research has revealed that the ancient pyramids were used as ceremonial sites for indigenous communities. Situated in a vast archaeological area in Puebla, in central Mexico, these pyramids, more than a dozen of them, have attracted attention.

Over the past decade, archaeologists have focused on excavating three of these pyramids, forming what is called the

Mexico City will probably run out of water in a few months!

Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, home to almost 22 million inhabitants, is facing an acute water crisis , which is further aggravated by the complex interaction of numerous factors. Problems arise from geographical constraints, deteriorating infrastructure, chaotic urban development, all compounded by the effects of climate change.

If reports are to be believed, the

Train Travel Review

Belgium-Slovakia railway line

Leo Express, the Czech public transport operator, has announced plans create a multinational railway line from Belgium to Slovakia with stops in Germany and the Czech Republic.

After approval, Leo Express will launch service connecting the Belgian city of Ostend with Bratislava in Slovakia, and will also establish a 19-hour direct service

Mexico: Ancient Mayan tomb discovered during tourist railway project
02.10.2023 MexicoTourObjects

In recent developments, Mexican archaeologists have discovered ornate human remains in a grave that could potentially be over 1,000 years old. According to the country's national institute of antiquities, INAH, the discovery took place in an area where construction of an important tourism railway project was nearing completion.

The find was made during ongoing archaeological work that