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This is the rarest passport in the world, only 500 people have it!
07.02.2024 MaltaDo you know?

There are certain passports that are more effective than others, determined by the number of countries their citizens can travel to without visas. In addition, the strength of a passport is determined by factors such as political stability, diplomatic relations, economic strength and regional agreements.

In this context, the Japanese passport must be mentioned as it is one of the most

Lufthansa and Malta Airlines sign codeshare agreement
06.02.2024 MaltaAvia

Lufthansa Group and KM Malta Airlines have signed a bilateral code-sharing agreement, which comes into force on March 31.

The code-sharing will open up new destinations for passengers of the two airlines, allowing them to make connections between airlines on one ticket and efficiently collect your checked baggage upon arrival at your final destination.

From the end of March,