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Egypt and Tanzania show rapid growth

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that Albania, Tanzania, Indonesia and Egypt are among the countries with the best tourism and travel development capabilities.

In its Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024, published every two years, the WEF analyzed the competitiveness of the tourism economy in worldwide.

These countries showed the greatest improvements in five areas:


Mysterious unknown structure discovered near the Pyramids of Giza

If you believe the latest reports, a significant breakthrough in archaeological research has been achieved in Egypt. The recent discovery of a mysterious structure buried under the sands near the famous Great Pyramid of Giza may likely change our perception of these ancient structures.

This remarkable find, detailed in a report published May 5 by a joint team from the National Research

Egypt will host the African Tourism Forum

The first African Tourism Forum will be held at the International Conference Center Sharm el-Sheikh from 20 to 21 May.

The forum will bring together more than 2,000 tourism industry professionals exploring potential opportunities in Africa and Egypt. The event will include conferences, panel discussions, B2B meetings and specialized courses.

The delegates include travel agencies

Egypt increases number of tourist attractions

As part of the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt to expand the country's tourism offerings, the Grand Egyptian and Greco-Roman museums have been reconstructed and will open this year year.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is already partially open, and, according to Travelpulse.com, the rest of its exhibits will debut this spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


Egypt: Ancient Tomb and Citadel Open to Visits

Egypt has opened two new tourist attractions for tourists. New areas of the Cairo Citadel and Neferhotep's Tomb are now accessible to tourists.

Neferhotep's Tomb

Neferhotep's tomb in Luxor opened after 20 years of restoration work. The tomb is said to be an important exhibit where visitors can see paintings and inscriptions on the walls of the tomb, as well as statues

An Egyptian Book of the Dead scroll dating back to 1550 BC was found in an ancient cemetery.
31.10.2023 EgyptDo you know?

Archaeologists have made an intriguing discovery in Tuna el Gebel in central Egypt - an ancient cemetery in which a rare 49-foot scroll was discovered , supposedly associated with the Book of the Dead.

This is a cemetery built approximately 3,500 years ago, during the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It was recently discovered during an ongoing archaeological mission that began in 2017.


Egypt: secret rooms in the 4400-year-old pyramid of Sahure revealed!
03.10.2023 EgyptTourObjects

The Pyramid of Sahure, built more than 4,400 years ago in honor of Pharaoh Sahure of the Fifth Dynasty, has now opened its secret chambers thanks to a team from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg carrying out a conservation and restoration project.

If reports are to be believed, their research was part of a comprehensive conservation and restoration project aimed at uncovering

Egypt: Sunken ancient temples and treasures discovered in a mysterious underwater city
02.10.2023 EgyptDo you know?

Carrying out underwater research in a canal near the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, underwater archaeologists made a remarkable discovery: a submerged temple and sanctuary filled with ancient treasures, associated with the gods Amun and Aphrodite respectively.

According to reports, the temple was originally dedicated to the god Amun and was of great historical importance, since the pharaohs