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Malawi Airlines expands network
14.05.2024 MalawiAvia

Malawi Airlines will open new flights to Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda.

“We will start soon work in Kigali, Rwanda. We will also be connecting to Nampula and Bemba in Mozambique and are looking at starting operations in Uganda by the end of the year. We are accessible and inexpensive,” Onli Taulo, marketing manager of Malawi Airlines, told clubofmozambique.com.

The airline has

Malawi in Africa announces visa waivers for more than 70 countries
29.03.2024 MalawiVisas

In an effort to boost tourism, Malawi, under the leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera, has waived visa fees for more than 70 countries. By eliminating entry visa fees for travelers from more than 75 countries, including major players such as the United States, Malawi is seeking to strengthen its position in global tourism.

The move, deeply rooted in sweeping immigration amendments

Malawi cancels visas for 47 countries
12.02.2024 MalawiVisas

As more African countries open their borders, on February 7, the government of Malawi published a list of countries that will not require a visa to enter the country.

The new list includes SADC and Comesa citizens, as well as ordinary diplomatic passport holders, who are already exempt from paying the fee, Voyages Afriq reports.

The bulletin lists 47 new countries exempt from