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Denmark represents tourism at the Paris Olympics for the first time
11.07.2024 DenmarkEvents

Tourism was first included in the VisitDenmark program when it opened the doors to a small piece of Denmark during the Paris Olympics. In addition to the wide range of companies and organizations that are participating in the Danish exhibition, several Danish companies will be involved this year in promoting Denmark as a tourism destination.

New for the 2024 Olympic Games year is an

Dive deep: listen live to the underwater sounds of Disco Bay!

The new underwater hydrophone station in Disko Bay in Greenland is ready for listening - listen to what is happening under water right now!

The sea of ​​Disko Bay in Qeqertarsuaq is filled with sounds. Now you can hear the whistle and click of whales singing to each other, ships passing by and the crack of icebergs from anywhere in the world by clicking on https://diskolive.com/


Danish guide with artificial intelligence
31.05.2024 DenmarkTechnologies

On the island of Fano in the Wadden Sea in Denmark introduced the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) guide.

The virtual guide looks like a seal named Waddy. Waddy's services are available through QR codes placed on several landmarks around the island. By scanning QR codes, tourists can contact Waddy to help them get information about the island's attractions.

In addition,

Is global warming causing Greenland to become greener?

A recently published study found that the area of ​​ice loss in Greenland over the past three decades is approximately 36 times the area of ​​New York City. This land, once covered in ice, is quickly turning into wetlands and scrubland. And this worries experts for obvious reasons.

Analysis of satellite images shows that Greenland lost 28,707 square kilometers of ice during this

Greenland wins bronze at Wanderlust's Travel Awards

Greenland was awarded a Bronze Award in the Desired New Destination category at the 22nd Annual Reader Travel Awards, hosted by Wanderlust, presenter a British travel magazine renowned for its extensive coverage and history.

The ceremony took place at the British Museum in London on October 7, 2023, where Greenland's recognition was a significant achievement on this internationally recognized


Lonely Planet's new "Best of Travel 2024" publication names Greenland as one of the top destinations for eco-friendly travel. This 50th anniversary edition of Lonely Planet features fifty must-see places. Greenland's recognition underscores its commitment to sustainable tourism, offering travelers the opportunity to experience its pristine beauty. The 2024 edition of Best in Travel is scheduled

Industry commitment sets joint direction for tourism development in Greenland

As tourism operators gather in Reykjavik for the Nordic region's largest tourism fair, Visit Greenland stands on behalf of the tourism industry and Greenland – has made a new overall commitment to more sustainable and responsible tourism development. The Common Commitment is the first step towards certification of the country's tourism industry.

The new Commitment reflects the priorities


Sisimiut Private Boat Safari has just been awarded this year's Greenland Tourism Award, which is presented in partnership with Visit Greenland and Air Greenland. This was announced at a special event during the Vestnorden tourism fair in Iceland on October 16, 2023.

In addition to recognition from the tourism industry Greenland, the owner of Sisimiut Private Boat Safari was presented with

Danish Viking Age ring fortresses declared UNESCO World Heritage Site

Five historic Danish Viking Age ring fortresses have just been added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The fortresses were built between 958 and 987 during the reign of the Danish Viking king Harald Bluetooth and are characterized by their remarkable symmetry.

The fortresses are among the most outstanding archaeological finds of the Viking Age in Denmark, and at the time of