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'Mainland Serow', an elusive mammal spotted in Assam's Raimona National Park
08.07.2024 BhutanNature

An important step in the conservation of biodiversity was the emergence of the first photographic evidence of the existence of the “mainland serow”, recorded in the Raimona National Park in Assam. It is a vulnerable mammal species recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The photo was taken jointly by forest officials and conservationists. To get the images, they

Fantastic Mushrooms: Discover over 400 varieties of mushrooms in Bhutan.

Bhutan's unique environmental conditions and rich biodiversity make it an ideal habitat for many species of fungi, including more than 400 that are classified as edible, medicinal and inedible. Notably, Tricholoma Matsutake, known as Sangay Shamu, is one of the most popular mushrooms of Bhutan, with a harvest season ranging from July to September. In addition to matsutake, other popular varieties

Bhutan ends mandatory travel insurance requirement for tourists
24.04.2024 Bhutan ThimphuVisas

The Department of Tourism Bhutan has made an important announcement indicating the abolition of compulsory travel insurance for tourists. This requirement was originally introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to cover unforeseen emergencies, particularly medical expenses related to the pandemic. However, as the situation improves and as part of efforts to provide a more comfortable travel experience,

Bhutan: Access to religious sites becomes easier thanks to Druk Naikor program

The Druk Naikor Program launched by the Department of Tourism Bhutan is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide tourists with an immersive experience at 108 carefully selected sites and monuments all over Bhutan. These locations were chosen to highlight the deep history, vibrant culture and deep spirituality that characterize the country.

The program is designed for travelers of

Virtual tourism attracts tourists
29.02.2024 BhutanTechnologies

An increasing number of countries are using virtual reality (VR) as a means of attracting tourists. This new marketing trend aims to provide virtual experiences of cities to make visitors see the real thing.

Bhutan creates 'Butanverse'

Bhutan presented “Bhutanverse”, a virtual reality of the country on a gaming platform Sandbox metaverse to immerse potential visitors

Bhutan plans to cut 'expensive' airfares to boost tourism
04.10.2023 Bhutan ThimphuAvia

In an effort to boost tourism in the country, Bhutan has announced plans to reduce “expensive” airfares for visitors traveling to the country. According to the country's finance minister, the move will lead to an increase in the number of travelers to the country and an increase in the number of visitors visiting the country. It has reportedly been found that expensive airfare is one of the main