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Fine art and archeology at the Cirta Constantine Museum

The National Museum of Cirta Constantine (Musée Cirta Constantine), located in the historical city of Constantine, offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the region's past, especially during the Roman occupation. The museum consists of an exhibition hall on the ground floor, an upper floor and a beautifully landscaped garden. The museum is represented by three main categories: ethnography, fine

A Brief History of the Kingdom of Tlemcen

The city Tlemcen, located in northwestern Algeria, is the administrative capital of the province of Tlemcen, a region famous for its lush vineyards and olive plantations. The city has a thriving carpet, textile and leather industry, and its rich culture reflects elements of Islamic, Arab, Berber and Andalusian influence. Ideally located in the mountains, the climate is somewhat cooler than surrounding

Wildlife of Algeria: Algerian hedgehogs

The North African hedgehog (Atelerix algirus), 20 to 25 cm long, is found in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Malta, France and Spain. Since this cute little hedgehog is native to North Africa, it is generally accepted that it was introduced to France, Spain, the Balearic Islands and Malta by humans. The North African hedgehog, also known as the Algerian hedgehog, is one of four species of the

A Brief History of Guelma

The land on which the Algerian city of Guelma now stands was once a Roman city in Numidia known as Calama. It is believed to have been founded in 198 AD by the Phoenicians, then known as Malaka, and when the area was conquered by the Romans, they renamed the settlement Kalama. As part of the Roman Empire, Calama became an important urban center, later receiving the high status of a "colony". Under

Bird watching in Jebel Babor Nature Reserve
07.06.2024 AlgeriaNature

The ancient coniferous and mixed forests of the Jebel Babor Nature Reserve, located in the Jebel Babor mountains in northern Algeria, are home to a number of wildlife species, some of which are considered endangered, such as the Atlas deer and the Barbary macaque. Bird lovers will find a wide variety of bird species at the sanctuary, which is considered one of the best bird watching destinations

Wildlife of Shrea National Park
06.06.2024 AlgeriaNature

Chrea National Park is one of Algeria's smaller nature reserves, but is nevertheless home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Its ancient Atlas pine forests are home to a population of Barbary macaques, which are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The park is also home to eight species of bats, which, although often overlooked due to their

Algeria's tourism development strategy "Horizon 2025"
05.06.2024 AlgeriaTourBusiness

As the largest country in the Mediterranean region and the second largest in Africa, Algeria has vast wilderness areas, and visitors to the country can explore the picturesque coastline stretching some 1,200 km, travel into the magnificent Sahara Desert and discover the ancient traditions and culture of the diverse peoples who call this North African country home.

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