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Tricolor Yerevan Night Run
01.07.2024 ArmeniaEvents

The Tricolor Yerevan Night Run is a bright and energetic event that takes place on July 5 after sunset in Yerevan. This unique running event celebrates fitness, community spirit and the beauty of Armenia's capital city under the night sky. Participants of all ages and abilities come together to run through the illuminated streets. Whether it's competition or relaxation, the atmosphere is festive

Beer Days in Armenia 2024

The beer festival is designed to highlight historical facts, positioning Armenia on the international market as the birthplace of beer. In 2023, up to 20 brewing and food companies will take part in the festival. The event was a good opportunity for Armenian brewers to present their products and make themselves known on the market. The festival was attended by more than 30,000 people, 30% of whom

RestoFest 2024 in Yerevan

The second month of summer 2024 will remain in the memory of both Yerevan residents and guests of the capital with the most impressive gastronomic festival “RESTOFEST - The Best Dish of Armenia 2024”.

Those who attend this event will be pleased you will be surprised and will certainly receive the warmest and most memorable impressions. On June 19, 20 and 21, more than 100 restaurant concepts

Vardavar Festival in Armenia
24.06.2024 ArmeniaEvents

Vardavar is a pagan holiday that comes from the times when Armenians worshiped different gods. It was the holiday of Astghik, the goddess of water, love, beauty and fertility. People presented Astghik with roses and dousing

Constitution Day in Armenia

On July 5, 1995, Armenia adopted a post-Soviet constitution. The Constitution declared Armenia a democratic, sovereign, social and constitutional state, and Yerevan was designated as the capital of the state. The Constitution Day of Armenia and the Day of State Symbols (flag, coat of arms and anthem) are celebrated on the same day. The top red stripe, middle blue stripe and bottom orange stripe

Discover the 5 best Armenian cheeses you must try

Say cheese!

Let's prepare an Armenian cheese plate with delicious local wine.

What would you find on the board? You won't see the usual cheddar or gouda... Armenian cheeses are distinctive and reflect the environment, landscape and history of the country. From “Chechil” to “Khorat” cheese, your taste buds will be delighted.

The pride of the Shirak region


Armenian Herb and Flower Festival iBuis

Ask any Armenian, and he will tell you: herbs are necessary for any food. The HayBuis Festival, which translates to “Armenian Herbs,” celebrates these special ingredients and the traditional knowledge used to collect and prepare them. The festival is held in one of the most picturesque places in Armenia - the Apaga resort, located in Yenokavan Tavush region, an area known for its beautiful forests

Tsiranashat Artashat Festival

We invite you to take part in the festival “Tsiranashat Artashat”, which will be held in the historical village of Dvin, located in the heart of the Ararat region, where all 38 settlements of the united Artashat community will be represented.

Join come to us and spend a day filled with holidays, cultural events and apricot sweetness.

Performances of the Artashat communitySong
Armenian-Georgian cultural and culinary festival “Mimino”

On June 22, the traditional Armenian-Georgian cultural and culinary festival “Mimino” will be held in Dilijan for the second time. During the festival, participating Armenian and Georgian teams will compete by preparing and presenting the diversity and history of their national cuisines at their stands. The cultural and musical zone will feature singing, dancing, music, arts and crafts. The festival

Yerevan Color Fest

Color Festival in Yerevan invites you to plunge into the lively atmosphere of summer with a bright holiday. Immerse yourself in a world where colorful powders dance in the atmosphere, turning every moment into a living work of art. Have fun dancing with your friends to the music of local DJs at this dynamic celebration. The festival stands out as one of the brightest events of June, promising to

Sheep Shearing Festival
11.06.2024 Armenia TatevEvents

The Sheep Shearing Festival 2024 will be held on June 15 on the territory of Rancho LLC (formerly Animal Market), located in the Khot village of Tatev community, Syunik region of Armenia. The festival includes a sheep shearing competition, an exhibition fair, an auction, live music demonstrating the entire wool-to-carpet process, a children's playground, a food court and much more.


Opera in Armenia

Don't miss out on art and culture while in Yerevan! The capital offers everything from jazz and symphonic music to ballet and opera, all at affordable prices. In this article you can learn more about the history of opera and opera productions in Armenia.

Dikran Chukhajian is known as the founder of the Armenian opera tradition. In 1868 he wrote Arshak II, the first great Armenian opera,

Gala dinner in Yerevan

EventToura is hosting an exclusive CHARITY dinner with a special set menu. Renowned French-Armenian chef Alain Alexanyan, winner of two Michelin stars, will curate and lead the culinary evening.

The purpose of the dinner is to create an atmosphere in which guests can deeply connect with the rich traditions and heritage associated with high-class dining, promoting deeper mutual understanding.

National parks of Armenia
10.06.2024 Armenia SevanNature

Armenia is home to several protected areas, including a state reserve on the old hunting grounds of a fourth-century king and one of the world's largest alpine lakes!

Read on to find out more about what can you expect in these unique natural places.

Sevan National Park

Lake Sevan, located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, is surrounded by mountains descending

Yerevan Gastro Show 2024

This event takes place simultaneously with the Yerevan Wine Days festival. “Yerevan Gastro Show” is a platform where various Armenian and international chefs, sommeliers, wine experts in the field of food and wine conduct gastro shows and master classes for visitors. Here, visitors can learn about types of wines, food and drink pairings, and even the historical roots of wine. In addition to gastro

Yerevan Wine Days 2024

The festival takes place annually on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of June on Moskovyan, Tumanyan and Saryan streets. This is the largest wine festival in Armenia. In 2023, it was visited by more than 120 thousand people. More than 70 winemakers and more than 30 food companies take part in the event. Every year this number increases, and the event begins to include more and more participants

Unique museums of Armenia

Join us as we take a closer look at some of the most interesting, unconventional and often overlooked museums throughout Armenia!

Tumanyan Matchbox Label Museum

On the picturesque road from Yerevan to Tbilisi you will pass through the village of Tumanyan. This is an excellent area for ecotourism. It's also home to the unique Matchbox Label Museum!

In the past, matchbox labels

Armenia will host the UN Wine Conference

UN Tourism announced that the 8th UN Global Conference on Wine Tourism will be held in Armenia in September.

Armenia has been producing wine for over six centuries, and conference delegates will have the opportunity to visit the oldest winery discovered to date in the world: Areni-1 Cave near the village of Areni in southern Armenia.

The event will take place later this year

Affordable travel program debuts in Armenia

A new app in Armenia offers tours in sign language, allowing tourists with hearing impairments to explore the city of Dilijan.

“Accessible Dilijan”, created by destination management organization GoToDili and supported by the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, is an initiative that aims to provide visitors with hearing impairments the opportunity

Discovering Armenia's Rich Heritage: Traveling through Garni, Geghard, Tatev and Dilijan

Located in the heart of the South Caucasus, Armenia beckons travelers with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and thousands of years of history. And while solo travel can be exciting, there's also the beauty of exploring this picturesque country with like-minded people on a group tour. a>. Join us as we take a journey through the most exciting places in Armenia: Garni, Geghard, Tatev and Dilijan.