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Why does Everest make terrifying sounds at night?

Mount Everest has captivated the imagination of not only climbers, but also scientists and adventurers. However, one of its mysteries managed to elude research for a long time. The mystery we're talking about is that after dark, eerie sounds can be heard from the glaciers surrounding the mountain's summit, adding an alarming dimension to its already formidable reputation.

In 2018 year,

Nepal: Everest climbing season begins; China reopens Tibet route

According to the latest developments, a team of ten Nepalese climbers has achieved a remarkable feat by reaching the summit of Everest from the south. This is a monumental achievement that not only marks the first summit of the season, but also paves the way for many other climbers who dream of conquering the world's highest peak.

Traditionally, the first ascent of Everest is undertaken

Nepal limits climbing to Everest

The Supreme Court of Nepal ordered the government to limit the number of climbing permits on Everest and other peaks.

The country is home to eight of the world's ten highest peaks, and hundreds come here every spring during the peak climbing season climbers.

Nepal currently issues permits to anyone who applies to climb Everest for a fee of US$11,000.

Last year the country

Smog is choking Nepal's tourism

Since March, one of the main tourist destinations of Nepal, Pokhara, has been shrouded in a thick haze of smog, which has a negative impact on tourism industries in the country.

According to toiqair.com, an international company that monitors air pollution, air quality in Pokhara reached “unhealthy” levels on Tuesday, April 30, with an AQI reading of 199 .

In addition to the

Everest: Nepal will remove garbage and corpses from the world's highest mountain

Ahead of the 2024 Himalayan climbing season, another high-altitude project is in the works: removing tons of trash from Mount Everest.

According to the Nepalese army, between 2019, when the program started, and 2023, 110 tons of garbage were collected as part of the mountain cleanup campaign.

The Army, which is running the clean-up initiative in partnership with multinational

Pokhara is now officially the tourism capital of Nepal

If reports are to be believed, the Nepalese government recently declared Pokhara, located in the stunning Gandaki province, as the main tourist capital of the Himalayan country. This official announcement was made during a special gathering at Barahi Ghat, which graces the tranquil shores of the breathtaking Phewa Lake.

Despite Pokhara's long-standing reputation as a renowned tourist

Everest climbers will be required to carry electronic chips in Nepal

Nepal is ready to introduce mandatory safety measures for all climbers embarking on the difficult journey to Everest, the highest peak in the world. Starting this spring, all climbers will be required to carry an electronic chip. The rule is aimed at strengthening emergency rescue operations while climbing or descending the 8,849-meter (29,032-foot) mountain.

As such, the government is

The gods and goddesses of Nepal return home

In Nepal gods and goddesses, once stolen and smuggled abroad, are returning. The gods and goddesses are coming home!

This global push to repatriate cultural artifacts is gaining momentum with concerted efforts to return such items to their countries of origin in Africa, Asia and beyond. The United States recently repatriated four idols and masks of Hindu deities to Nepal, in what is seen

International Mountain Day 2023: 5 highest mountains in the world
12.12.2023 NepalNature

As we celebrate International Mountain Day on December 11, 2023, this is the perfect opportunity to take a virtual tour of some of the Earth's towering giants. Mountains not only shape the physical landscape, but also have cultural, ecological and spiritual significance.

So, let's take a virtual journey and explore the five highest peaks of the globe and understand the vital role they