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Mysterious unknown structure discovered near the Pyramids of Giza

If you believe the latest reports, a significant breakthrough in archaeological research has been achieved in Egypt. The recent discovery of a mysterious structure buried under the sands near the famous Great Pyramid of Giza may likely change our perception of these ancient structures.

This remarkable find, detailed in a report published May 5 by a joint team from the National Research

Aurora is waiving additional fees for single occupancy
14.05.2024 CruisesCruises

Aurora Expeditions is waiving one-time surcharges for solo travelers on select summer sailings.

From May 8th until all cruise tickets Greenland, Spitsbergen and Iceland will not be sold out in 2024; individual travelers will be able to book tickets for these routes without a single surcharge, reports

The cruise operator reports that solo travelers account for about
Malawi Airlines expands network
14.05.2024 MalawiAvia

Malawi Airlines will open new flights to Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda.

“We will start soon work in Kigali, Rwanda. We will also be connecting to Nampula and Bemba in Mozambique and are looking at starting operations in Uganda by the end of the year. We are accessible and inexpensive,” Onli Taulo, marketing manager of Malawi Airlines, told

The airline has

Flydubai launches 10 summer routes
14.05.2024 UAE Dubai cityAvia

Dubai-based airline Flydubai has announced the launch of flights to ten destinations for the summer season.

Seasonal flights will operate from June to September.

This expanded seasonal network includes flights to:

Batumi, Georgia


Family travel is popular in 2024 has released a report on family travel trends for the 2024 Nordic summer season, which shows the rise in popularity of family holidays around the world.

Searches for family accommodation are reported to have increased over the past year increased by 8%. Half of all these families worldwide indicated that value for money was the main motivator when choosing a destination.


The European travel sector has fully recovered

The European Travel Commission's first report of the year shows travel to Europe exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the first time this quarter.

The report shows foreign arrivals increased by 7.2% compared to with the same period in 2019. The report also highlights that visitors will spend 14.3% more money when traveling in Europe than last year. This is due to both inflation and demand

Emirates profits soar to record heights
14.05.2024 UAE Dubai cityAvia

The Emirates Group reported strong profits in its full-year results announcement published on May 13, amounting to $5.1 billion - a huge increase of 71% compared to the year-ago results.

The airline's group revenue set a new record of $37.4 billion, up 15% on last year.

“The Emirates Group has once again raised the bar and set a new record. We saw strong demand for air travel

Mumbai: Dust storm, rain and a huge billboard falling

Mumbai has witnessed a dramatic manifestation of nature. The city was hit by a terrifying dust storm and torrential rains. This also marked the beginning of the monsoon season. Around 3 pm today, the Mumbai skyline darkened as a dusty wind engulfed the city. While the rainfall brought relief from the scorching heat, commuters faced disruption as traffic came to a standstill during the storm.


Egypt will host the African Tourism Forum

The first African Tourism Forum will be held at the International Conference Center Sharm el-Sheikh from 20 to 21 May.

The forum will bring together more than 2,000 tourism industry professionals exploring potential opportunities in Africa and Egypt. The event will include conferences, panel discussions, B2B meetings and specialized courses.

The delegates include travel agencies

Japan: Online booking system introduced to address overcrowding on Mount Fuji trail

According to recent events, Japanese authorities have introduced a new online booking system for the most popular trail on Mount Fuji. The move aims to combat the problem of overtourism at the iconic volcano. A surge in visitors to Japan's highest peak during the summer tourist season has raised safety and environmental concerns. Because the Yoshida Trail experiences particularly heavy foot traffic,

Rare leopard cat spotted in Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra

The Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra has recorded the sighting of the elusive leopard cat, scientifically known as Prionailurus bengalensis. It was the first time she had been seen, a senior forest official confirmed on Sunday.

This particular cat, belonging to the family Felidae, known for its striking resemblance to leopards in body coloration.

According to Deputy Director

Air taxis launched in Dubai

Dubai recently launched an innovative air taxi service, marking an important milestone in the development of urban transport. Launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), this innovative initiative is set to revolutionize intra-city travel. An air taxi ride will cost a minimum of Dh350 per person.

Slated to launch late next year, the air taxi service promises fast and safe mobility,

Nepal: Everest climbing season begins; China reopens Tibet route

According to the latest developments, a team of ten Nepalese climbers has achieved a remarkable feat by reaching the summit of Everest from the south. This is a monumental achievement that not only marks the first summit of the season, but also paves the way for many other climbers who dream of conquering the world's highest peak.

Traditionally, the first ascent of Everest is undertaken

Landing on the world's scariest runway

Traveling through various modes of transport is a common choice for people around the world, with air travel being one of the most preferred options. The main appeal of air travel is its ability to travel vast distances in relatively short periods of time. Almost every major city has an airport, serving as a gateway to domestic and international destinations. While many airports boast grandeur and

Heat wave in Thailand: tourists face water shortages on the famous islands of Koh Phi Phi

In a recent turn of events, tourists visiting the famous islands of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand are being warned of water shortages from - due to extreme heat. These islands became world famous and popular holiday destinations after they were featured in the Hollywood movie "The Beach".

But for now, according to tourism officials and local residents, these beautiful tropical destinations There

This Colombian glacier is rapidly disappearing due to climate change

Located in the heart of the Colombian Andes, Ritacuba Blanco was once a majestic ice giant within the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park. Not long ago, this landmark was covered in a thick layer of ice and snow, but now it bears the scars of the harsh climate: gaping crevices expose the underlying rock, a clear sign of an environment in distress.

According to available data, the glacier,

Israel announces it is now open to tourism and all tourist areas are 'completely safe'

Israel made a statement declaring itself “now open to tourism.” Over the past few months, conflict in the region, with Israel at its epicenter, has made the country practically and technically closed to tourists.

According to the latest news, flights to Tel Aviv were suspended, but now airlines are gradually resuming flights. It is also reported that Air India will resume non-stop flights

Pedal for loyalty points at Hyatt
10.05.2024 AustraliaHotels

The Hyatt Hotel Group has launched an initiative that will encourage hotel guests to exercise. They award loyalty points to guests who use exercise equipment in their rooms.

World of Hyatt, the group's loyalty program, announced that guests can earn loyalty points by exercising at 800 Hyatt hotels worldwide. using an exercise bike in their hotel room.

Guests earn Hyatt loyalty

Nepal limits climbing to Everest

The Supreme Court of Nepal ordered the government to limit the number of climbing permits on Everest and other peaks.

The country is home to eight of the world's ten highest peaks, and hundreds come here every spring during the peak climbing season climbers.

Nepal currently issues permits to anyone who applies to climb Everest for a fee of US$11,000.

Last year the country

The trend for art hotels is growing
10.05.2024 Great BritainHotels

Contemporary art hotel brand art'otel opened the London Hoxton art hotel at 1-3 Rivington Street on April 24, and plans to open the Rome Piazza Sallustio art hotel before June.

The London hotel boasts interior design by Eyal Shaon and large-scale sculptures and murals by Dean Stockton, better known as D*Face.

Guests and the public can take part in the hotel's art'beat programme,