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A Brief History of the Kingdom of Tlemcen

The city Tlemcen, located in northwestern Algeria, is the administrative capital of the province of Tlemcen, a region famous for its lush vineyards and olive plantations. The city has a thriving carpet, textile and leather industry, and its rich culture reflects elements of Islamic, Arab, Berber and Andalusian influence. Ideally located in the mountains, the climate is somewhat cooler than surrounding

Snow in Argentina: when will ski resorts open?

From the majestic slopes of Catedral to the thrills of skiing in Chapelco, Las Leñas and Cerro Castor, the country offers the ideal conditions to enjoy winter at its best.

Argentina, famous With its stunning scenery and varied outdoor activities, it becomes a winter wonderland during the snowy season. The country's ski resorts offer the perfect experience for snow and winter sports lovers

A Brief History of Guelma

The land on which the Algerian city of Guelma now stands was once a Roman city in Numidia known as Calama. It is believed to have been founded in 198 AD by the Phoenicians, then known as Malaka, and when the area was conquered by the Romans, they renamed the settlement Kalama. As part of the Roman Empire, Calama became an important urban center, later receiving the high status of a "colony". Under

Things to do in Recoleta, Argentina

Stately and prosperous. Elegant and traditional. Welcome to Argentine Paris, one of the most sophisticated areas of Buenos Aires to explore and fall in love with.

“It takes its name from the Barefoot Recollects monastery, built on a farm called “ Los ombues "received by the founding neighbor and first mayor Rodrigo Ortiz de Zarate during the distribution of lands made by Juan de Garay

Spain's Balearic Islands face overtourism

Every year, about 800,000 tourists flock to Binibeka Vell, a tiny white village on the island of Menorca, often called " Spanish Mykonos" due to its similarity to the popular Greek island. This picturesque village, with its quaint streets and sparkling turquoise waters, has become a major attraction in Spain's Mediterranean Balearic Islands.

But the influx of tourists has put a significant

Impalila now has roads

The small island Impalila, which belongs to Namibia and is located at the confluence of the Zambezi and Chobe rivers, now has roads.

In the past, the island's rocky terrain combined with soft clay soil has made travel difficult.

The development of a new 25-kilometer road infrastructure will improve access to the island's public facilities and accommodations. There are several

Hyderabad is no longer the capital of Andhra Pradesh

Ten years after Andhra Pradesh was divided into two parts and Telangana was formed, Hyderabad more is not the capital of Andhra Pradesh. As per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014, Hyderabad will cease to be the capital of Andhra Pradesh after June 2, 2024. Back in 2015, the TDP government led by Chandrababu Naidu named Amaravati as the new capital, but this was not without political differences.

Egypt and Tanzania show rapid growth

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that Albania, Tanzania, Indonesia and Egypt are among the countries with the best tourism and travel development capabilities.

In its Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024, published every two years, the WEF analyzed the competitiveness of the tourism economy in worldwide.

These countries showed the greatest improvements in five areas:


Goa government to issue circular warning tourists about unsafe places

Tourism Minister Goa Rohan Khaunte on Thursday stressed that tourists and local residents need to exercise caution when visiting potentially dangerous places in the coastal state. He expressed concern that people are often driven into dangerous places by content shared by social media influencers without adequately assessing the risks involved.

Stressing In an alarming trend, Khaunte

Popular Indian Destinations You Should NOT Visit Now

While some parts of India are experiencing scorching heat waves, others are experiencing torrential rains. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of destinations that may not be ideal to visit at the moment. While these destinations offer incredible natural beauty and cultural experiences, it is important to prioritize safety and well-being when planning your travels. Stay informed, follow

Tourism experts warn against Paris during Olympics

Travelers looking to enjoy a holiday in Paris this coming summer are advised by experts to reconsider their decision.

“June, July and the first two weeks of August may not be the best time to visit Paris by tourists who do not plan to attend the Olympic Games. The city will be more crowded than usual and full of sports fans,” said travel, tourism and hospitality expert Behar Sadiku.


Tourists flock to Goa ahead of monsoon season

Tourists are flocking to Goa in large numbers, making the most of the final weeks before the coastal state closes for the monsoon season. Known for its beautiful beaches, from the busy stretches of Baga and Palolem to tranquil fishing villages like Agonda, Goa is currently experiencing a significant influx of visitors, especially from the neighboring states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.

Israel announces it is now open to tourism and all tourist areas are 'completely safe'

Israel made a statement declaring itself “now open to tourism.” Over the past few months, conflict in the region, with Israel at its epicenter, has made the country practically and technically closed to tourists.

According to the latest news, flights to Tel Aviv were suspended, but now airlines are gradually resuming flights. It is also reported that Air India will resume non-stop flights

The Seine in Paris is facing a serious cleansing

The French government has developed a plan to limit the flow of wastewater into the Seine and Marne rivers and is now accelerating its implementation in an effort to make the Seine navigable for the Olympic Games.

Olympic water quality tests on the Seine in There were 14 failures last August, raising doubts about whether triathletes and marathon swimmers would be allowed to compete for

Durban's crime and dirt scare away tourists

Durban faces a major challenge as it prepares to host the 2024 Africa’s Travel Indaba. The iconic waterfront, once a bustling hub, is now struggling with rising crime and cuts in municipal services, causing tourist numbers to dwindle and businesses to close.

Funworld, a favorite, closed a year ago beach amusement park, served as a stark warning sign and triggered a crime wave. Owner Nick

The best capitals in Europe to travel to

A new study by VisaGuide.World has revealed the best European capitals for tourists in 2024 in terms of cost, safety, whether they speak English, and friendliness.

The report highlights that travelers consider more factors beyond uniqueness and beauty when choosing destinations.

Researchers found that Europe overall scored lower on safety and friendliness and higher on cost compared

This European country encourages retirees to travel by offering discounted holidays

When thinking about retirement, many people dream of spending their golden years exploring the world. However, such endeavors often entail significant costs, effort, and careful planning. However, there is a country that alleviates much of the financial burden associated with travel for retirees. Spain, consistently ranked among the world's best places to retire, is pioneering a unique initiative

This country is offering 5,000 free passports worth $5 billion!

Naib Bukele, President of El Salvador, announced the allocation of 5,000 free passports worth $5 billion. These free passports will be offered to highly qualified professionals. The initiative, valued at $5 billion through the country's passport program, aims to attract scientists, engineers, doctors, artists and philosophers from abroad.

Referring to this, Bukele added, would amount

Free accommodation in Rhodes for evacuees in 2023

The Ministry of Tourism Greece is offering free hotel accommodation in 2024 to tourists evacuated from Rhodes during the forest fires last July.

Holidaymakers of all nationalities are encouraged to apply to participate in the Rhodes Week initiative by registering on the program website as a beneficiary and submitting an application. This can be done individually, through a travel

Katchatheevu, a tiny island that sparked a dispute between India and Sri Lanka

In India a political dispute has erupted, revolving around a small uninhabited island belonging to Sri Lanka. This island is called Katchatheevu with an area of ​​about 1.9 square meters. km (0.7 sq mi) and is located in the Palk Strait separating India and Sri Lanka.

Located northeast of the Indian city of Rameshwaram in the state of Tamil Nadu and southwest from the city of Jaffna in