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Acsa 'unaffected' by global IT collapse
24.07.2024 Technologies

Acsa announced that it was not affected by the global Microsoft outage linked to cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which is affecting numerous organizations, including some airlines around the world, Travel News reported.

Acsa states that it does not use CrowdStrike services and has assured all stakeholders and the public that its airport network is not affected by this outage and operations

IT outage leads to global travel crisis

On the morning of July 19, airlines and airports around the world experienced travel disruptions following a major Microsoft technical glitch. Some banks, retail stores and other businesses are also affected, as are GDS Amadeus and Travelport.

The cause of the outages is still unclear, but they appear to be related to Microsoft and Crowdstrike. The disruption could be due to several reasons,

Hotel guests prefer automated check-in counter
12.07.2024 USATechnologies

A new US study finds that travelers prefer hotels with digital self-service counters.

US hospitality platform Mews conducted a study of 2,000 travelers and hotel workers to find rising trends in hospitality in 2024. About 80% of travelers said they would prefer to stay at a hotel with an automated check-in counter or self-service kiosks; 40% of these travelers also said they prefer to

Is AI causing an explosion in travel fraud?
26.06.2024 Technologies warns consumers that artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a surge in travel fraud. head of online security Marnie Wilking said that over the past 18 months, the number of There has been a 500-900% increase in online listing scams, reports the BBC.

“Of course, phishing has been happening since the advent of email, but its rise began shortly after the

Etihad launches chatbot
26.06.2024 Technologies

Etihad has launched a live chat feature designed to provide guests with the most up-to-date and accurate information about the documents they need before traveling.

The system can be accessed through the airline's live chat on , which can be found in the Contact Us section of the Help page. Select "Travel Rules and Transit Information" from the chat menu.

This guides

Cambodia launches digital entry process

Cambodia is introducing a new entry process that will come into effect on July 1: all travelers to the country will be required to complete an application for an electronic arrival card within seven days of arrival.

From the beginning of next month paper documents will not be accepted, says

The new electronic arrival cards will not replace the visa requirement

Dive deep: listen live to the underwater sounds of Disco Bay!

The new underwater hydrophone station in Disko Bay in Greenland is ready for listening - listen to what is happening under water right now!

The sea of ​​Disko Bay in Qeqertarsuaq is filled with sounds. Now you can hear the whistle and click of whales singing to each other, ships passing by and the crack of icebergs from anywhere in the world by clicking on


Danish guide with artificial intelligence
31.05.2024 DenmarkTechnologies

On the island of Fano in the Wadden Sea in Denmark introduced the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) guide.

The virtual guide looks like a seal named Waddy. Waddy's services are available through QR codes placed on several landmarks around the island. By scanning QR codes, tourists can contact Waddy to help them get information about the island's attractions.

In addition,

Tech Expert Advises Agents to Use ChatGPT
27.05.2024 MexicoTechnologies

UK software company Lokulus has advised travel agents to adopt artificial intelligence and use ChatGPT to fill staff shortages.

Despite documented shortcomings in AI's ability to generate accurate travel information, Mark Chamberlain, director Lokulus, urged travel agents to use tools like ChatGPT, but to "keep it human-controlled."

Addressing the travel agent community at Advantage

AI-generated routes lead travelers astray
15.05.2024 Technologies

New research has found that 90% of AI-generated travel itineraries contain inaccurate information.

UK travel marketing agency SEO Travel conducted the study by asking ChatGPT to plan two-day itineraries in the top 10 cities world: Paris, Dubai, Madrid, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, New York, Barcelona and London.

The results were analyzed for inaccuracies, as well as unrealistic

Public Wi-Fi launched on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls

New public Wi-Fi service is now available in Livingstone, on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.

The new service was launched last week by Zambian Tourism Minister Rodney Sikumba and Livingstone Mayor Constance Nalishebo Muleabai.

The public Wi-Fi service is powered by the Zambian subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a pan-African technology company group, present in

AI can improve guest experience
25.04.2024 AfricaTechnologies

In the era of personalization, artificial intelligence can help the hospitality industry improve the customer experience. And instead of being afraid, it should be embraced.

Over the past year, with the advent of generative AI, AI has become a buzzword across all industries, but it has been around for over a decade. During a recent panel discussion at WTM Africa, industry experts discussed

Schiphol introduces baggage tracking

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has introduced technology that allows passengers to track their luggage in real time on screens, on the airport's website and in its mobile application.

The platform tracks the luggage of each passenger - from on the plane, on the way to the baggage compartment and on the baggage carousel upon arrival at the airport.

Passengers can track their luggage

Acsa biometric technology makes progress
10.04.2024 RSATechnologies

Acsa's R100 million biometrics and e-gate project for South African airports is underway and looks set to be up and running within the next two years. It's good that Acsa is taking a proactive approach: IATA predicts that by 2040 airports will handle twice as many passengers as in 2019, and many agree that those who don't have the efficiency and speed provided by biometrics may be overwhelmed by

China tests excursion airship

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has successfully tested the domestically produced airship AS700 for domestic flights.

Developer AVIC said the airship made a test flight of more than one hour and 46 minutes and 100 km from Jingmen Zhanghe Airport to Jingzhou Shashi Airport.

The project's chief designer claims that the tests have proven that the airship's maneuverability,

Schiphol tests driverless buses

Royal Schiphol Group, the parent company of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, intends to trial electric autonomous buses on the airside to improve the sustainability of ground handling operations.

Two autonomous shuttles created by Ohmio, a developer of autonomous vehicles, were programmed to follow a fixed route and stop at airside cleaning and ground handling companies to transport employees

Abu Dhabi introduces tourist passes

Experience Abu Dhabi has introduced a range of Abu Dhabi passes to offer travelers more convenient and affordable travel options.

Pass holders will receive priority access when obtaining a visa and visiting tourist destinations, as well as discounts on SIM cards, transport, accommodation and tickets to attractions.

Abu- The Dhabi Pass offers easy and discounted access

Tokyo: £8bn futuristic city built for 'mass human experimentation'

The world's most futuristic smart city is likely to be completed later this year. Toyota's ambitious Woven City project, which will use self-driving cars as a test bed for innovative urban living, is nearing completion.

Located just a few miles from Mount Fuji on Honshu Island in Japan, Woven City is conceived as an environmentally friendly utopia. First announced in 2021, Toyota is hard

An unmanned snack robot appeared at Munich Airport

Munich Airport is testing a new innovative way of selling snacks to passengers using the new JEEVES robot.

JEEVES offers a collection of soft drinks and snacks that can be purchased using Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit cards. The snack bot will move through the gate area on levels 4 and 5 of Terminal 2.

Shoppers only need to step into Jeeves' path to make the robot stop,

China simplifies payments for incoming tourists

China is streamlining payment options for incoming tourists in a bid to attract more international visitors. This solves a problem for many travelers, as the widespread adoption of mobile payments in China has outpaced the traditional cash and credit card infrastructure.

Sun Yeli, China's Minister of Culture and Tourism, announced that the country would take steps to improve convenience