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Heat wave warning for most parts of North India

Incessant heat continued to spread across much of India for the seventh day in a row on Thursday, with temperatures rising to 48.8 degrees Celsius in Barmer in Rajasthan, which was the highest recorded temperature in the country this year.

Official statistics showed that at least 16 places in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan , Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh recorded maximum temperatures

Heavy rains in Kerala: emergency measures imposed across the state

As heavy rains continue to lash Kerala, the state government has taken emergency measures to mitigate potential risks and ensure public safety . In response to worsening weather conditions, emergency centers have been set up at all district collectorates and taluk offices across the state.

State Revenue Minister K Rajan stressed the urgent need for strict regulations, especially in hilly

Tamil Nadu experiences flash floods

Following heavy rains on Friday, the Nilgiris district administration advised tourists to postpone their travel plans, citing safety concerns. Meanwhile, in Tenkasi district, heavy rainfall led to flash flooding at the Old Courtallam Falls, leading to the tragic death of a 17-year-old boy.

The Nilgiris administration has issued a forecast that the very heavy rainfall and urged people to

Mumbai: Dust storm, rain and a huge billboard falling

Mumbai has witnessed a dramatic manifestation of nature. The city was hit by a terrifying dust storm and torrential rains. This also marked the beginning of the monsoon season. Around 3 pm today, the Mumbai skyline darkened as a dusty wind engulfed the city. While the rainfall brought relief from the scorching heat, commuters faced disruption as traffic came to a standstill during the storm.


Heat wave in Thailand: tourists face water shortages on the famous islands of Koh Phi Phi

In a recent turn of events, tourists visiting the famous islands of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand are being warned of water shortages from - due to extreme heat. These islands became world famous and popular holiday destinations after they were featured in the Hollywood movie "The Beach".

But for now, according to tourism officials and local residents, these beautiful tropical destinations There

Table Mountain fire 'largely contained'

In its last message on the morning of May 2, SANParks reported that there was a fire in Skeleton Gorge in Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) caused by a lightning strike due to adverse weather conditions on Saturday 27 April has been largely contained. The fire has burned about 283 hectares of veld.

Light rain and fog over the past few days have helped contain the fire's spread, but

Smog is choking Nepal's tourism

Since March, one of the main tourist destinations of Nepal, Pokhara, has been shrouded in a thick haze of smog, which has a negative impact on tourism industries in the country.

According to toiqair.com, an international company that monitors air pollution, air quality in Pokhara reached “unhealthy” levels on Tuesday, April 30, with an AQI reading of 199 .

In addition to the

Dubai again hit by heavy rains; flights canceled and warnings issued

According to the latest news reports, after severe flooding in April, heavy rains and thunderstorms hit Abu Dhabi and Dubai early on Thursday morning, which led to the cancellation of many flights and the suspension of bus services in Dubai.

According to reports, five incoming flights to Dubai were diverted, nine incoming and four outgoing flights were cancelled. Emirates also canceled

Uttarakhand: Forest fire in Nainital; Boating on Naini Lake has been stopped.

The raging forest fire in Uttarakhand has reached alarming proportions with the flames reaching the prestigious Nainital High Court Colony. The unfolding crisis has prompted the Nainital administration to make a concerted effort to contain the fire, seeking help from both forest department officials and army personnel. Helicopters are ready to join in the firefighting if the situation deteriorates

Bali urges foreign tourists to get dengue vaccine as cases rise

The regional government of Bali (Indonesia) advises foreign tourists to consider vaccination against dengue fever as the number of cases in the country continues to grow. Gusti Ayu Raka Susanti, Acting Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division of the Bali Health Agency, stressed that although vaccination against dengue fever is not mandatory for tourists, it is highly recommended for their

Indonesia: Tsunami warning issued as Ruang Volcano erupts 5 times in a row

Indonesian authorities sounded a tsunami alert Wednesday in response to multiple eruptions at the mountain's Ruang volcano, sending ash and lava thousands of feet into the air. According to local authorities, this warning, which covered various regions of Indonesia, led to the evacuation of more than 11,000 people.

According to reports, Indonesian authorities closed the airport and residents

Dubai Airport issues travel advisory due to heavy rains

Dubai, the city of skyscrapers and glamor, is now struggling with heavy rains and bad weather conditions. Given the current situation, Dubai International Airport (DXB) has issued a travel warning and asked people not to come to the airport unless it is absolutely urgent due to unprecedented weather conditions.

Flights are experiencing long delays and deviations. Passengers have been asked

Margate cleans up after flooding

The KZN government said it had stepped up disaster relief efforts following heavy rainfall and resulting flooding in Margate on the south coast.

Five people were killed in the flooding.

Roads, buildings and other infrastructure were damaged, and Margate's beaches were littered with trees, branches and other debris that had flown down the rivers along with massive amounts of water

Flooding forces camp closure in Garden Route National Park

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in the wilderness area of ​​the Garden Route National Park, affecting Ebb & Flow Camp.

On Tuesday 9 April, SANParks sent out a warning that more than 200 mm of rain and a spring tide occurred. SANParks staff on duty were physically on site from 02:00. Later, the rain subsided, the Taus River overflowed and poured out of its mouth directly into the sea.


Blue Tide: Alien Invasion on American Beaches

From Oregon to California masses of blue creatures that look like aliens wash up on rocky beaches. They are called Velella velella - small colonies of organisms with a sombrero-style fin on top and tentacles hanging down.

This spring, millions of these creatures were spotted along the West Coast of the United States, much to the surprise and delight of beachgoers. who willingly shared

Temperatures in Delhi may rise to 40 degrees Celsius by April 15

According to a recent report by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), in Delhi may see hotter days as temperatures may touch 40 degrees Celsius in the national capital.

Compared to last year, the maximum the temperature exceeded 40°C on April 16, whereas in 2022 it was already observed on April 8. On Sunday, Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 35.6°C, slightly above normal, and

A leopard entered a house in Delhi and attacked three people.

Police reported a strange incident that occurred this morning in Roop Nagar in northern Delhi. According to media reports, the leopard entered a residential building, injuring three people.

Reports add that authorities responded quickly to the situation, coordinating efforts with fire officials to contain the animal. indoors, ensuring the safety of family members present. The injured were

Part of the famous California highway collapsed into the ocean

Part of the road on the coast of Big Sur in California collapsed into the ocean over the weekend after part rocks collapsed in what officials call a "slip."

A portion of Highway 1 remained closed, according to a Sunday evening report from Caltrans District 5.

All parks of Big Sur in the affected area are closed "until further notice," according to a release issued by the California

Access to the Great Barrier Reef is under threat

Australia's most popular tropical paradise, Cape Tribulation, is under threat of closure as its main access road remains impassable from - for a landslide.

Cape Tribulation provides access to two World Heritage Sites UNESCO Heritage Site: Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest Daintree. In December, Cyclone Jasper caused a massive landslide that destroyed the main road into the town and nearby

Snow and rain warnings in several Indian states

The latest India Meteorology Bulletin (IMD) warns of varied weather conditions that will persist across the country until March 19. Expected weather conditions include snow, rain, thunderstorms and the possibility of hail in several areas.

Snow Warning:

In Himachal Pradesh the local meteorological department has issued a detailed forecast indicating Chance of rain, snow