Egypt will unveil its first luxury tourist train
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10.07.2024 Egypt Cairo Aswan   14
Egypt will unveil its first luxury tourist train

In 2027, Egypt will introduce its first luxury tourist train. The Guardian of the Nile will link Cairo with Aswan.

Arsenale SpA, the Italian luxury hospitality company, has signed an agreement with Cairo National Railways to launch a new train. The aim of the project is to capitalize on the growing trend towards slow travel.

The luxury train will have 15 carriages with 40 cabins each, accommodating up to 80 passengers in deluxe cabins, suites and Honor Suites " The interior design and decor of the train will reflect the culture and history of the country.

Egypt's Minister of Transport Kamel El-Wazir said the train will combine luxury, elegance and entertainment, providing a unique travel experience between cities Egypt.


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