Barcelona will increase its tourist tax
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10.07.2024 Spain Barcelona city   17
Barcelona will increase its tourist tax

Barcelona City Council voted to increase the city's tourism tax for the second time this year.

In April, the fee, designed to reduce tourist numbers and mitigate the effects of overtourism, increased from €2.75 to person per night to 3.25 euros.

However, due to the lack of desired results in October the fee will increase to 4 euros per person per night.

Visitors to Barcelona must pay both the Catalan Regional Tourist Tax and the Barcelona City Tourist Tax per person per day depending on the accommodation booked and whether they are cruise ship passengers.

Catalan Regional Tax per person per night currently varies depending on the type of accommodation. For four-star hotels - 1.70 euros; rental housing - 2.25 euros; and for five-star and luxury hotels the fee is €3.50.

Cruise passengers spending less than 12 hours in Catalonia, including Barcelona, ​​now pay €3. Cruisers who stay more than 12 hours pay just 2 euros, as this is considered an obligation to increase costs.

Barcelona's separate city tax, which is charged for a maximum stay of seven nights, has been steadily increasing. It is currently set at €3.25 per person per night for most visitors and €4 for those with short-term rentals or cruise stays of less than 12 hours.

From October, all tourists will have to pay the city of Barcelona a minimum of €4 per person per night or day.

Day visitors who do not disembark or book accommodation do not have to pay a tourist tax to Barcelona or Catalan region.


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