Pilgrims will be able to see Kailash Peak from September 15 when the old Lipulekh Pass in Pithoragarh reopens
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Pilgrims will be able to see Kailash Peak from September 15 when the old Lipulekh Pass in Pithoragarh reopens

Devotes will be able to view the sacred peak of Kailash from September 15 from the old Lipulekh pass at 18,300 feet. The pass, located in the Vyas valley of Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, has immense religious significance. Pilgrims will now have a rare opportunity to see Tibet's Kailash as the historic pass reopens to regular pilgrims. The announcement was made by Pithoragarh District Tourism Director Kirti Chandra Arya.

Before this, the route was unavailable due to closure 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The route through the Lipulekh pass towards Kailash-Mansarovar was eagerly awaited by the devotees. Although China is still not opening the pass, pilgrims can now travel in their cars to Lipulekh from Dharchula starting mid-September. From there, a short 800-metre trek will lead to a viewpoint with stunning views of the majestic Kailash Peak.

The significance of this discovery goes beyond spiritual pilgrimage as it marks a major milestone in the development of tourism in Uttarakhand . Minister Satpal Maharaj and his wife Amrita Rawat recently visited and admired the summit of this iconic pass, highlighting the cultural and religious significance of the region.

Recognizing the permissions granted by the central government, the Uttarakhand Tourism Department is actively preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to facilitate safe and unimpeded access for tourists. District Magistrate Rina Joshi confirmed that efforts are being made in this direction, highlighting careful planning to ensure a smooth experience for visitors.

This initiative not only revitalizes tourism but also reconnects devotees with their spiritual heritage, offering the opportunity to see Kailasa Peak and Om Parvat from within the borders of India. As preparations for the opening intensify, there is growing anticipation and hunger among pilgrims and tourists to once again explore this revered pass.

The opening of the old Lipulekh Pass marks more than just a geographical transition; is a new cultural and spiritual journey that promises unforgettable views and experiences for those who embark on this historic pilgrimage route.

About Lipulekh Pass

Lipulekh Pass, located in Himalayas, connects Uttarakhand in India with Tibet and Nepal. Historically significant for trade and pilgrimage, it serves as an important route for the Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra. The pass offers stunning views and challenges travelers with its rugged terrain.

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