India is all set to have the world's largest museum on Raisina Hill by 2025
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India is all set to have the world's largest museum on Raisina Hill by 2025

Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat recently announced that India will transform the north and south blocks of Delhi's Raisina Hill complex into the world's largest museum by 2025. If reports are to be believed, this ambitious project will create a museum almost twice the size of France's Louvre. Shekhawat, while interacting with the media, made the discovery and expressed pride at being part of this historic initiative.

An agreement between France and India was signed to facilitate this monumental endeavor. The Minister added that upon completion of the Central Vista redevelopment project and relocation of offices in 2025, the North and South Blocks will be converted into a museum, highlighting the scale of the project.

The proposed museum will showcase India's rich and varied history dating back more than 5000 years. This will give visitors a complete understanding of India's cultural and historical heritage, set in an environment of great architectural significance.

Shekhawat also mentioned another important event on the horizon: the meeting of the World Heritage Committee, of which India is a party. This meeting will be held in India for the first time next month. "I am confident that India, which has the third largest number of world heritage sites in the world, will get another heritage site this time," he added. This reflects India's ongoing commitment to preserving and celebrating its cultural heritage on the world stage.

The renovation of the Central Vista and the conversion of the North and South Blocks into a museum are in line with India's broader goals of cultural preservation and tourism development. The Central Vista project aims to add more life to the heart of India's capital and create modern and functional spaces while preserving the historical significance of the area.

The new museum is expected to become an important cultural attraction, attracting visitors from all over the world. It will serve not only as a repository of India's past, but also as a symbol of its future aspirations. By collaborating with France, where one of the most famous museums in the world is located, India is positioning itself as a world leader in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

In conclusion, we note that the construction of the largest in the world of Raisina Hill Museum is a testament to India's rich history and commitment to cultural preservation. With the support of France and the successful completion of the Central Vista project, this museum will become a beacon of India's past and future, offering an unparalleled cultural experience to visitors from around the world.

Source: timesofindia

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