Notre Dame Cathedral to open on December 8
Notre Dame Cathedral to open on December 8

The famous Parisian cathedral Notre Dame is due to reopen on December 8th after a rapid reconstruction following the devastating fire of 2019 of the year. The 860-year-old Gothic masterpiece has undergone an extensive transformation, combining historic architecture with modern design elements.

Archbishop of Paris Laurent Ulrich has revealed new interior plans for the cathedral, expressing a desire to "welcome the whole world" at its opening. At the forefront of this transformation is the introduction of designer priestly vestments to be worn by bishops, priests, archbishops and deacons, created by renowned French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, known to his celebrity friends as "JC/DC".

Castelbajac's creations for priests, archbishops, bishops and deacons are inspired by the large golden cross in the cathedral choir, which survived the fire. The vestments feature bold geometric patterns and vibrant primary colors, reminiscent of the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Complementing the new vestments is a collection of stylized bronze furniture produced in the south of France. Reminiscent of the Game of Thrones aesthetic, these items include a new font, altar and tabernacle. In addition, the cathedral will be furnished with between 1,500 and 2,000 simple but comfortable light oak chairs for the faithful.

The painted decorations of the chapels have been restored to their former flamboyant splendor and will be accompanied by seven new tapestries and six new stained glass windows. These windows are the result of a competition in which 110 contemporary artists took part, including Daniel Buren, Hervé Di Rosa and Chinese-born Yang Pei-Ming.

According to rector Olivier Ribado Dumas, the updated Notre -Dam will provide visitors with a “powerful cultural and spiritual experience.” With the completion of key restoration projects including the iconic spire, timber frames, golden crosses and the cathedral's weathervane, everything is ready for the cathedral's grand opening.

To accommodate the expected influx of visitors that , the diocese estimates will reach 15 million a year (up from 12 million before the fire), a new reservation system will be introduced at the cathedral. For the first six months, individual visitors will have priority over groups.

Notre Dame will be able to accommodate 2,500 people at a time and 40,000 per day, which is double the capacity of the Palace of Versailles and 10,000 more than Louvre. With its modern look and state-of-the-art fire protection systems, the historic cathedral is ready to welcome the world and provide a truly immersive spiritual and cultural experience.

Source: timesofindia

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