Yogurt festival in Razgrad
25.06.2024 Bulgaria Razgrad   13
Yogurt festival in Razgrad

An invention and tradition that Bulgarians value very much is our yogurt.

If you look at the ingredients of any yogurt around the world, you will find one ingredient that unites them all - Lactobacillicus Bulgaricus. As the name suggests, this bacterium is native to Bulgaria and is essential to any yogurt recipe.

Every year in the city of Razgrad, yogurt lovers from near and far come together to celebrate and preserve the Bulgarian tradition of yogurt making . Try modern recipes made with cow's milk or traditional recipes with goat's or sheep's milk. While the latter certainly have a stronger flavor, they are closer to traditional Bulgarian yogurt recipes, which are made exclusively from goat and sheep milk.

Bulgarians often combine dishes such as moussaka or stuffed peppers with yogurt, so if you want to eat like a real Bulgarian, try adding some homemade yogurt to your favorite Bulgarian dish.

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