Dive deep: listen live to the underwater sounds of Disco Bay!
22.06.2024 Greenland   18
Dive deep: listen live to the underwater sounds of Disco Bay!

The new underwater hydrophone station in Disko Bay in Greenland is ready for listening - listen to what is happening under water right now!

The sea of ​​Disko Bay in Qeqertarsuaq is filled with sounds. Now you can hear the whistle and click of whales singing to each other, ships passing by and the crack of icebergs from anywhere in the world by clicking on https://diskolive.com/

Disco live! is a research project that aims to connect science with society. The main goal is to understand the Arctic in the context of climate change and modernization and communicate the implications to the general public. The sound station records the underwater sounds of Disko Bay 24 hours a day, all year round. Sound data is transmitted and stored to describe changes in the composition of marine mammal species in the bay and the extent of anthropogenic noise. Simply put, how increasing background noise levels can affect marine life.

Disko Bay in West Greenland is unique in the Arctic because of the many different species that live there. Right now you can hear the last songs of this year performed by the iconic bowhead whales. Male seals whistle and you may be lucky enough to hear the clicking sounds of the last narwhals and beluga whales before they begin their migration north. In June, humpback whales, fin whales and minke whales come to Disko Bay, and their songs fill the soundscape.

Source: visitgreenland

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