Kranevo sprat festival
22.06.2024 Bulgaria Kranevo   16
Kranevo sprat festival

Fried sprats and beer are an integral part of every summer on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

One of the new food festivals in Bulgaria is the Sprat Festival, which is held in the seaside town of Kranevo. If you love seafood and come here in the summer, this festival is a must!

The Sprat Festival was first held in 2016 and quickly gained popularity among both Bulgarians and tourists. In addition to fried sprats, here you can try freshly caught Black Sea fish and mussels.

Of course, what would a Bulgarian cuisine festival be without some friendly competition? You can compete to eat the most sprat in a certain time, or even dive into a pool filled with sprats and try to catch small fish with your bare hands!


City of Kranevo



Source: visitmybulgaria

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