Plum Festival in Bulgaria
19.06.2024 Bulgaria Troyan   16
Plum Festival in Bulgaria

One thing you can't help but try in Bulgaria is slivovitz, and what better place than the Bulgarian Plum Festival? The festival has been recognized and awarded as one of the best festivals in Europe and is loved by both Bulgarians and tourists.

Below the Central Balkan National Park is a quaint town Troyan with its famous plum brandy, also known as rakia. This drink is not for the faint of heart: a strong elixir that is sure to liven up any celebration.

The whole town gathers for this holiday, pouring glasses of homemade plum brandy and offering all sorts of delicacies made from plums. Try bacon-wrapped plums, plum jam, plum bread and more. You can also see demonstrations of the brewing and distillation process of rakia and take part in workshops teaching traditional pottery native to Troyan.

If you're a lover of spirits and always up for a good time, the Troyan plum festival is for you.


City of Troyan



Source: visitmybulgaria

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