Newport to Bermuda Race 2024
Newport to Bermuda Race 2024

Race from Newport to Bermuda, organized by the Bermuda Racing Foundation, is held every two years and is the oldest regularly held ocean race and one of very few international long-distance races. The Bermuda race is one of only two scheduled races in the world held almost entirely out of sight of land, the other being Transpac. Founded in 1906, the 53rd Bermuda Race is scheduled for June 2024.

Its purpose was stated in 1923 by Cruising Club of America Commodore Herbert L. Stone: "To encourage the design, construction and operation of small seaworthy yachts, to promote deep water cruising and to develop among recreational sailors the skill and love of true seamanship and the opportunity to master the art of sailing."

Total 220 boats took part in the 2022 race. The largest fleet, 265 boats, competed in the Centenary Race in 2006. The third largest race of 197 boats was held in 2008. The race attracts sailors from across North America and around the world. In 2016, sailors represented 23 countries. 55 boats had at least one sailor from outside the United States.

Date: June 21, 2024 to June 29, 2024

Place: Royal Bermuda Yacht Club,15 Point Pleasant Road,Hamilton XM 11,Bermuda

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