Carnival in Bermuda
15.06.2024 Bermuda   19
Carnival in Bermuda

Carnival in Bermuda Surrounded by a magnificent island, brings revelers together for several days and nights of pure island excitement. Experience one of the island's largest summer celebrations, including local cuisine, fiestas, Soca music, the Revel de Road parade, a raft ride and more, plus a national celebration honoring Bermuda's national heroes.

Take a look at the events from June 13 to June 17, 2024 and see what's next:

  • Evolve: an all-inclusive opening celebration Bermuda Carnival
  • Oasis Sunrise Festival: From 5 to 11 a.m., the party will continue as the sun rises over Bermuda.
  • Raft Up: A Bermudian tradition has evolved into a unique and an exciting event on the water.
  • Wetta: This all-inclusive, wet getaway has an unrivaled atmosphere.
  • Glow: This year's Glow theme is Come Lime with Us, and the event will feature the best of local and international entertainment in an amazing setting.
  • Pure The White Party: Under the big tent of the National Sports Center Pure is a glamorous spectacle from start to finish.
  • JAM J'Ouvert AM: The Party, which does not stop until the sun rises. JAM is a lively orgy of colors and water.
  • Revel de Road: two Mas groups, Party People Entertainment and Nova Mas International will parade through the streets in their most incredible outfits

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