Greece: Mysterious 4,000-year-old structure discovered on popular Greek island of Crete
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15.06.2024 Greece Crete   18
Greece: Mysterious 4,000-year-old structure discovered on popular Greek island of Crete

A monumental ancient structure was discovered on the Greek island Crete, a popular tourist destination in Greece. This discovery is likely to halt the construction of a new airport.

As for the structure, it dates back to the Minoan civilization, which largely dawned between 2000 and 1700 BC, coinciding with the era , when Crete's iconic palaces at Knossos and Phaistos were built, reports suggest.

Despite its significance, the purpose of this building remains a mystery, causing considerable archaeological interest and speculation. According to experts, the structure resembles “a huge car wheel on top.” The structure has a diameter of 157 feet and covers an area of ​​19,000 square meters. ft.

In this regard, the Greek Ministry of Culture released a statement saying that some design features are similar to Minoan tombs, such as round stone rings and intricate designs. However, the discovery of numerous ancient animal bones nearby is complicating researchers' understanding of the site.

The ministry statement suggests the structure may have been periodically used for ritual ceremonies involving food, wine and possibly offerings. As archaeologists continue to excavate and study this site on top of the Papura hill near Kastelli, they are faced with problems related to its supposed future serving as a radar station for Crete's new international airport.

Scheduled to open in 2027, the airport will serve Heraklion, the capital and largest city of Crete, as well as numerous cultural and archaeological sites throughout island. If reports are to be believed, the airport is expected to handle 18 million passengers annually, reflecting the demand for modern infrastructure to support tourism to Crete's well-preserved historical sites.

However, the influx of tourists sometimes threatens the integrity of these ancient sites , necessitating protective measures such as limiting the number of visitors to the Acropolis in Athens.

Excavations in the area have revealed at least 35 other archaeological sites, highlighting the challenge Greek authorities face in balancing development while preserving heritage while building a new airport and a network of roads connecting it.

Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni describes the structure as a unique and highly significant find. She indicates that the Greek government and airport officials will be exploring alternative sites for the radar station to ensure the preservation of this archaeological site. “We can continue to build the airport while giving the antiquities the protection they deserve,” says Mendoni. Her comments give hope that Crete's rich past, vibrant present and promising future can be harmoniously combined.

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