Sheep Shearing Festival
11.06.2024 Armenia Tatev   15
Sheep Shearing Festival

The Sheep Shearing Festival 2024 will be held on June 15 on the territory of Rancho LLC (formerly Animal Market), located in the Khot village of Tatev community, Syunik region of Armenia. The festival includes a sheep shearing competition, an exhibition fair, an auction, live music demonstrating the entire wool-to-carpet process, a children's playground, a food court and much more.

It promises will be a fantastic event with a variety of activities and entertainment for participants. The location, scheduled date and various planned activities create an excellent opportunity for both locals and tourists to experience and enjoy the rich cultural and agricultural aspects of the region.

DATE: 15 June 2024

PLACE: Khot village of Tatev community, Syunik region.



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